Offset Facing Felony Charge For Allegedly Smashing A Man’s Phone!

Uh oh. Things aren’t looking good for Migos rapper, Offset.

Per TMZ reports, an arrest warrant has just been issued after surveillance video captured Offset — born Kiari Kendrell Cephus — smacking a phone out of a fan’s hand at a Target store in Sandy Springs, Georgia.

According to the outlet, the Clout rapper was just wrapping up his shopping run when a man, named Junior Gibbons, spotted him and tried to grab a quick selfie. Cardi B‘s husband must not have been in the mood for attention because he immediately shot down the request (literally).

Read their exchange caught on video (below):

Gibbons: “What up Offset?”

Offset: “Get the f**k out of my face.”

After asking Gibbons to give him some room, Offset reached over and smacked the iPhone out of the guy’s hand. The expensive device crashed to the ground and broke, shattering the screen.

Dang. That escalated pretty quickly!

People often forget that celebrities are people, too, and are afforded the right to shop in peace just like anyone else. And as you know, Kulture‘s father has made it pretty clear he isn’t a fan of anyone using him for clout.

But even still, we have to admit the reaction was a bit harsh. A quick hello would not have hurt anyone in this situation!

Days after the incident went down, the 18-year-old fan went to the authorities, and filed an official police report on Friday, April 26. The teen is reportedly hoping to get his phone replaced at the very least.

The reason why the act is being classified a felony, is because the phone in question costs $800. The item’s value surpassed the felony threshold of $500, and qualifies as criminal damage to property in the state of Georgia. Also, cops believe the move was absolutely intentional.


The timing couldn’t get any worse either, as this is hardly Offset’s first brush with the law. The 27-year-old is also facing a felony gun charge stemming from his July 2018 arrest outside of Atlanta.

We hope the man can get it together, and resolve his legal issues soon! We’ll keep our eyes on this situation as it develops.

What do YOU guys think about Offset’s behavior with a fan? Totally warranted? Or is this matter completely being blown out of proportion?

Sound off in the comments (below)!

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