Olivia Munn & Tucker Roberts Split After 1 Year of Dating

Olivia Munn and her boyfriend of a year, Tucker Roberts, have broken up.

The 40-year-old actress and the Philadelpia Fusion president “broke up amicably at the end of 2019,” ET reports.

Olivia previously spoke to the site about her relationship with Tucker, saying, “I’ve really come to a realization with myself that I’m already in my happily ever after. And if I want to have kids or want to get married then I’ll do that, but it has to add to my life, you know? Everything has to add to my life.” She added that she was living her “happily ever after.”

While Olivia and Tucker broke up before Coronavirus lockdowns began, many couples have split up after the quarantines were set in place. See all 37 breakups if you missed it.

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