Olly Murs in hospital after undergoing surgery following horror injury Mad 72 hours

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Olly Murs has revealed he has undergone surgery after a “mad 72 hours” following his latest gig. The singer shared a “quick update” video on his Instagram account as he explained what had happened.

Positing in view of his 3.6 million followers, The Voice coach reassured his fans he was okay.

He said: “Hey everyone, what’s happening?

“You’re probably thinking, ‘What is going on, why is Olly in a hospital bed?’

“Well I’ve just had surgery on my left leg and as you can see I’ve got my game ready on already to ice it.”

Olly continued: “Basically, for some of you who came to the Newmarket gig on Friday, thank you firstly for your kind messages and support and checking I was okay.

“It’s been a mad 72 hours since the gig getting to this point.

“Basically, after my second song, a fragment of bone which was in my knee managed to lodge itself to the back of my knee after I jumped and basically shut my leg down.

“During the gig, I was just limping the whole time, I couldn’t believe it.”

Olly then shared how he’d already had the surgery ahead of returning to work.

He also reassured his fans he was feeling okay as his recovery starts from his injury.


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