Only Murders in the Building<\/em> Season 2 Is No Longer a Mystery

Watch just one episode of Hulu’s new mystery Only Murders in the Building, and you’ll see the comedic chemistry between Selena Gomez, Martin Short, and Steve Martin. Plus, since the episodes are released on a weekly basis, the suspense is heightened versus a series you binge in one go.

For anyone not tuned in (what else have you been watching?), the show follows three neighbors in a bougie New York City apartment building, all obsessed with the same true-crime podcast. There’s Mabel (Gomez), a young woman with a mysterious past, Charles (Martin), an actor famous for his portrayal of a detective in a 1990s show, and Oliver (Short), a struggling Broadway director with a notorious flop on his resumé. When one of their other neighbors is found dead, the three decide they’re going to solve the case and start their own podcast for others to follow the investigation…as long as their personal lives don’t get in the way.

The show isn’t even finished with its first season yet, and already Hulu has renewed the show for a second season. There’s always more murders to solve (as we’ve all seen with the last half-decade’s explosion of true crime podcasts), and it looks like our humble trio is set to solve a whole new mystery.

With only five episodes out of a planned ten released so far, there are more questions than answers for the whodunnit—and we know there are more surprises on the way. Plus, there’s more to see from newly introduced characters, including the musician Sting and Tina Fey’s Sarah Koenig-esque character Cinda Canning.

Here’s everything we know about Only Murders in the Building Season 2.

When is Only Murders in the Building Season 2 Coming Out?

Seeing as the first season is still going, there’s no word when season 2 will come out. But we would take a guess that it would be right around this time next year: late summer, early fall.

What will season 2 be about?

Depending on how season one ends, we could have a while to wait to find out who killed Tim Kono, or there could be an entirely new case to solve.

Who’s going to be in the cast?

This is also up in the air. However, if by the end of the show, Oliver, Charles, and Mabel’s podcast is successful, they may return with another murder to solve soon. It would be a shocker if Steve Martin, Martin Short, and Selena Gomez weren’t all back—the show is built around their characters and the chemistry between them. Maybe Amy Ryan—as Martin’s love interest—will also return? We’re not going to get our hopes up for more Sting either, but fingers crossed.

Until then, keep up with the rest of the first season with our release schedule.

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