Oreo is releasing a brownie and cookie dough version called Brookie-O

Oreo is coming out with their umpteenth new flavor variety – the Brookie-O. The Brookie-O tries to replicate the Brookie – a half cookie/half brownie hybrid – in the warm embrace of a traditional Oreo sandwich cookie. It will have the chocolate wafers with three layers of filling inside: one layer of cookie dough flavored cream, the customary Oreo cream and a layer of brownie flavor cream. We common folks won’t get this divine creatin until next month, but some lucky food bloggers have already tasted Nestle’s new nectar of the gods and they’re here to tell us, this Brookie-O delivers.

If you’re wondering where I’ve been, it’s under a mountain of these. It’s been a while and ive finally crawled out of the cave near that weird monolith thing out in the desert.

What we’re looking at is the newest rendition of an Oreo concoction that’s way too overdue. Thankfully, this baby delivers. Brookie-O is the latest from Nabisco and is certainly a good one for the lineup.

Sporting 3 cremes in the middle, this powerful cookie packs a punch of a number of flavors in one, and it’s really something special. Quite honestly, it might be one of the most balanced flavor profiles in a mashup like this – and that says a lot.

The brownie is great, your traditional Oreo icing is great- and the cookie dough shines, though I wish that was a bit stronger of a flavor. If you’ve eaten raw dough before, you’ll know that this is missing that little bit of oomph.

Anyway, these cookies grabbed a solid 🚨8.4🚨 from me. They’re definitely worth grabbing a few packs of, as anyone into this kinda thing is going to Hoover them down pretty quickly 😛

[From Junk Food Leaks via Delish]

A few weeks ago, CB reported on Glenn Close’s devotion to the almighty O. Glenn admitted that she was a purist – only the original Oreo for her, no flavors or Double Stuf pass her lips. I side with Glen on this. I love myself an Oreo and I don’t see any reason to mess about with a good thing. I will, occasionally, indulge in some mini-Oreos, but that’s a calorie thing – I can eat more and feel less guilty. But I look at the photo of these and scroll right past. It’s too much for me. I guess I’m a purist too because I look for specific tastes. So I’m sure this is a delicious cookie, but I wouldn’t have a real life Brookie either. I would have a cookie followed by a brownie in rapid succession, just not smooshed together. (Apparently, this only applies to sweets for me as I currently have a forkful of mashed potatoes and mushed peas and will put just about anything savory on a sandwich.)

Since I am not the targeted audience here, what say the Oreo flavor experts – will you be first in line for a tray of Brookie-Os? And – honest question – what does this do to the Oreo twist? I am incapable of eating an intact Oreo. I must twist and scrape, which is again a nod to the Glenn Close Church of Oreo Worship. If there are more than one flavor, is the strategy to twist so all layers end up on one side or do you separate them and eat like that? You laugh at my questions, but I promise you there are Oreo devotees having this argument as we speak. However you prefer your Oreo, these Brownie-Os have already begun spreading joy and excitement in the confection community and truly, what more can we ask for to start 2021? I may not share your excitement, but I can support your enthusiasm.

Now, if Pepperidge Farm was working on a new Milano flavor, I’d be on the edge of my seat.


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