Orlando Bloom tries not to be shady about Katy Perry: We recognize each others pools


Orlando Bloom’s Carnival Row drops two episodes tonight. I bring that up because we keep hearing from him and I keep wondering what he’s promoting. He’s also teamed up with Form Nutrition, which allows him to promote his vegetarianism and his prep work for his role as a retired boxer in The Cut. The problem is that instead of sticking to being meat-free and working out, Orlando used his People exclusive to talk about his family. Because Orlando flounders a bit when he tries to promote his happy home life. What he intended to do was say that he was confident going into this venture with Form Nutrition because he had the love and support of his partner Katy Perry. And he started of great by stating they were each other’s fans. But then he backslid into this pool metaphor he’s been favoring lately and things went wonky with Orlando and Katy in different pools waving at each other.

Orlando Bloom is willing to “put his money where his mouth is” — which is why he’s teamed up with Form Nutrition to launch the company’s sustainable, plant-based protein powder and vegan multivitamins in the United States.

The 46-year-old actor tells PEOPLE that his new role as Chief Wellness Officer wouldn’t be possible without the encouragement of his family.

Bloom recognizes the support he receives, no matter what the venture, from his fiancée and “biggest fan” Katy Perry.

“I think we support each other because we are fans of one another, you know what I mean?,” says the Carnival Row actor. “What she does is so empowering for young musicians with everything with [American] Idol. Then she can go and put on a powerhouse show in Vegas. We support, it’s who we are. Katy’s a force and we both have these pools we swim in and we recognize each other’s pools and we go, ‘Hey, I’m over here. We’re doing this.’ And it’s great.”

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It’s not bad. He didn’t accuse Katy of holding out on him sexually right after giving birth so, you know – progress. But he used this pool thing last time he talked about their relationship and the ‘pool’ represents how different they are. Plus, he claimed Katy doesn’t actually understand his pool, which, I mean, it’s a pool, what’s to understand? Maybe she doesn’t want to swim in it, or it’s too deep for her, but he’d have to be calling the mother of his child an idiot to not understand a pool. He really needs to let this pool thing go. Especially because even if the intent here was to reclaim the narrative from his last interview where he talked about how difficult it was to be in a relationship with Katy, and thought using the same pool refence would do that, he keeps putting them in separate pools. That doesn’t sound great. I’m sure Katy and Orlando struggle like any other couple. I’m not starting the countdown clock on their relationship (I’m not not starting it, tough), but Katy navigates it so much better.

One nice thing: Orlando had plenty of proud Papa things to say about his daughter Daisy. No pools, although he did loop her into a Form smoothie endorsement. Still, he should stick to Daisy-talk and leave the discussion about Katy to his ex, Miranda Kerr.


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