Pedro Pascal Says Not His Fault 'Last of Us' Compared to 'This Is Us'

Pedro Pascal says he’s aware that this new hit HBO show, “The Last of Us,” is getting compared to another ‘Us’ series … and his response to that is, take it up with the writers.

We got the TV star Friday in WeHo, where he was signing autographs and itching to leave. Before he did, though, PP chopped it up with us for a bit … and we asked him why ‘LOU’ keeps on introducing great characters that we all love, only to kill ’em off immediately?

If that sorta gut-wrenching TV sounds familiar, it’s because it is … AKA, NBC’s “This Is Us,” which is a real tear-jerker and also tends to write out characters at a moment’s notice.

Pedro says he thinks the pain viewers are experiencing by briefly meeting/losing onscreen faves like Bill and Frank (RIP), Tess (also RIP) and most recently, Riley (maybe RIP?) is actually worth it. He doesn’t really explain why … but perhaps he knows, that’s just good TV.

When we pressed a bit further, he kinda just shrugged his shoulders and said … hey, I just do the acting. In other words, the fleeting characters thing isn’t his call — which is honest.

Our photog also touched on another theme that’s being brought up again and again throughout this first season … namely, LGBTQ+ representation. Some of the names mentioned above actually lend themselves to that, and Pedro says … yeah, it’s important.

He doesn’t spoon-feed an easy answer on why though … he thinks we already know.

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