Pete Davidson Used Offensive Slurs and Yelled at a Bunch of College Students During His Comedy Show Last Night

While everyone was watching the MTV VMAs or Bachelor in Paradise last night, Pete Davidson managed to piss off fans who went to his stand-up show at the University of Central Florida.

In honor of the school’s Pegasus Palooza (their week full of fun back-to-school activities), Pete came “to the middle of f*cking nowhere” to tell jokes for “privileged little assholes.” Pete was in Orlando, BTW, which is hardly the middle of nowhere.

During his set, Pete noticed some members in the audience using their phones and proceeded to go on a rant about how “embarrassing” their generation is. (Pete is 25 years old.) In the students’ defense, they said they didn’t see any signs that said “no phones” and assumed it was a chill environment to use them, you know, since it’s their Welcome Week.

Pete said, “That’s why we’re embarrassing. That’s why the world is going to end in 25 years…Idiots. You should f*cking grow up.” In the process of scolding the crowd, he compared them to 5 year olds and called them the R-word, which is so incredibly offensive.

One Twitter user who was there said he also called them “lame” and said he could text all his comedian friends and tell them to never perform at UCF again. Which, LOL, okay, sure.

My favorite part about Pete Davidson at UCF is when he told us we were lame and that he could just text up all his comedian friends and they would never come to our school as if he was thanos or something

Toward the end, Pete, who lost the respect of so many people last night, ironically talked about how the students should want adults to respect them and be proud of them.

If you can stomach it, here’s the video of his rant:

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