Peter Hunt: The monarchy could have done more to accommodate the Sussexes

Out of all of the “royal commentators” in the UK, Peter Hunt has emerged as one of my favorites? He’s very fair, he used to work for the BBC, and he’s not in the pocket – yet – of Big Keen. Hunt was and is one of the few people to be consistently correct in his assessments of how the Sussexit was bad for the royal family, actually, and that there are very significant problems with the way the institution of the monarchy handled the Duchess of Sussex. Another thing I like about Hunt is that I never get the sense that he’s paid by the word – he chooses his moments to comment, and he’s not blanketing the tabloids with bullsh-t on a daily or even weekly basis. Hunt did an interview recently with the outlet LBC, and he had some interesting comments/analysis:

The Royal Family could have handled Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s decision to step back from their royal roles differently, according to commentator Peter Hunt. The Duke of Sussex was reportedly cut off financially and Prince Charles stopped taking his son’s calls, Prince Harry claimed in his Oprah Winfrey interview. Mr Hunt argued Meghan and Harry’s departure created a “binary” split between supporters of the Sussexes and other members of the Royal Family.

Speaking to LBC, Mr Hunt said: “Either you are pro-Harry or pro-William and there doesn’t seem to be much room where you could navigate a path through whereby you can accept there may have been fault on both sides, where they could have reached different accommodation. And I do think history will judge that the institution could have done more not to jettison them in the way that they are now jettisoned.”

Host Eddie Mair asked: “Sometimes when regular families have a dispute between siblings, it’s been forced to a parent to heal the wounds or knocks heads together, whatever’s required, I wonder Prince Charles possible role?”

Mr Hunt replied: “I don’t think he has one at the moment. I think that’s part of the tragedy. As you rightly say, lots of family go through this, they just don’t have the misfortune of going through it discussed by people like you and I in detail and in many other places but I do think he does have a role and I think it’s clear he has a pretty bad split between him and his son Harry.”

[From The Daily Express]

While the current thinking is that Meghan and Harry will never, ever return to Isla de Saltines ever again, I would like to point out that back in January/March 2020, both Meghan and Harry seemed open to the idea of returning to the UK at some point. Their initial plan was half-in, remember? Their offer was declined, and everything that’s happened in the past two years cannot be undone – at this point, Meghan especially does not want any part of these people. And yes, the monarchy was incredibly short-sighted. Prince Charles, the Queen and Prince William went with pettiness and rage instead of warmth and nurturing. Ah, well. LOL.

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