Piers Morgan addresses his ‘aggressiveness’ after GMB’s Ofcom complaints: ‘Not all bad’

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Piers Morgan, 55, has long been the centre of media attention for his on-air outbursts and vicious rampages, whether it be aimed at the government, celebrities or the poor Royals. Being at the receiving end of his criticism isn’t where one wants to find themselves, but there is method to his madness, as outlined and agreed to by Ofcom over his treatment of ministers amid the coronavirus pandemic where he himself, received complaints, threats and horrid abuse.

Most centred around my ‘aggressive’ interviewing of government ministers over their woeful handling of the Covid crisis

Piers Morgan

Writing in his latest Daily Mail column, Piers addressed all those who criticised him, pointing out that regardless of whether they agreed with his tone or not, the complaints were thrown out.

“It’s emerged that GMB was the most complained-about UK TV show through the March to August lockdown period, with 9,019 protests to regulator Ofcom – 40 percent of the entire total,” he noted.

“Most centred around my ‘aggressive’ interviewing of government ministers over their woeful handling of the Covid crisis.”

Here, Piers had a little scoff as he wrote: “But Ofcom rejected every single one, saying: ‘It is clearly in the public interest that broadcasters are able to hold those making political decisions to account, particularly during a major national crisis, such as the coronavirus pandemic.'”

But while those who decided to moan officially didn’t win, others took to social media to share their views on the controversial presenter.

And for someone as marmite-like as Piers, even he drew the line at some of the comments.

“The combative GMB grillings sharply exacerbated my already polarising public image, and some of the abuse I get on Twitter for sticking it to Boris and his Cabinet of incompetents is breathtakingly vile,” he said.

But of course he takes it in his stride as everyone in the public eye has to learn to do.

“But as Churchill once said: ‘You have enemies? Good. That means you’ve stood up for something, sometime in your life.’”

But some good has come out of his continuous rampages as he was left “genuinely touched” by a kind supporter who treated him to a breakfast.

“It’s not all bad, though, he said.

“This morning [Friday 9 October] as I was having breakfast in my local Kensington cafe, a guy came up to me, said: ‘Thanks for entertaining me every morning.’

“Then he picked up a takeaway coffee, and when he left, I was told he’d secretly paid my bill.

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“He continued: “Amid all the savage trolling during this tumultuous year, I was genuinely touched.

“Whoever you were, thanks!”

Piers recently revealed that his co-host Susanna Reid believed his appointment to the GMB panel would be the “worst thing ever”, but with almost five years under his belt, he must be doing something right.

Discussing his career with radio DJ Chris Evans, the ITV star revealed the one thing he never thought he’d ever do was front a flagship morning news show.

“I never thought I’d do breakfast TV,” he admitted.

“When they asked me to come in for a week I thought they were nuts, Susanna Reid thought it was the worst thing she’d ever heard!”

Chris suddenly roared with laughter as Piers continued: “Not entirely sure she’s been persuaded on the view ever since,” he giggled.

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