Piers Morgan smokes cannabis with Mike Tyson in LA

Piers Morgan really got into the spirit when he visited Mike Tyson to record an interview for his 'Hot Boxin' podcast.

Sharing a clip from their 90-minute chat to Twitter , Piers could be seen puffing on a cannabis joint .

The former boxer owns his own cannabis resort called Tyson Ranch, the office headquarters being where the podcast is hosted.

Piers, 54, joined Mike in smoking the drug which is legal for both medicinal and recreational use in the state of California.

The TV host could be seen in the snippet posted to his Twitter page picking up the joint and Mike lighting him up, adding the caption: "When in Rome…"

Piers jetted over to LA to spend time with Mike Tyson, where they talked about 'everything from sex, cannabis & the Dalai Lama to Muhammad Ali, toad venom & punching paparazzi'.

The father-of-four said he was given a 'goody bag' of gifts when he visited the Tyson Ranch, which he mentioned to the Mail Online .

"Whatever your side of the debate about marijuana – I view it as less dangerous than alcohol or cigarettes – I’ve never seen a happier, calmer Mike Tyson," he commented.

After the 90-minute chat Piers recalled how Tyson had been smoking away with several joints left over on the table.

Piers said he picked up one and said: "When in Rome, Champ… got a light?"

In the clip Tyson can be seen laughing as he leans over and lights Piers up.

He cheered on Piers as he took a puff from the spliff.

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