Prince Andrew & Fergie are the first family members to visit the Queen at Balmoral

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Prince Andrew and the Duchess of York have arrived in Scotland. We learned last week that Fergie would be joining Andrew officially for the visit to Balmoral. This is not the first time Fergie has been invited to Scotland in recent years, but in years past, she tried to fly under the radar because Prince Philip hated her so much. Now that Phil’s gone, the Queen formally extended the invitation to Fergie, and I’m sure there was some sort of scheme afoot to reintroduce and rebrand Fergie and Andrew’s relationship. Then Virginia Roberts Giuffre filed her lawsuit on Monday and suddenly all of this looks terrible.

Prince Andrew has been spotted arriving at Balmoral Castle accompanied by his ex-wife Sarah Ferguson – as he prepares to face the Queen a day after being sued in New York for allegedly sexually abusing Jeffrey Epstein victim Virginia Roberts. The Duke of York’s convoy made a quick entrance to his mother’s Scottish Highlands estate just after 6pm. Andrew, who was driving a Range Rover, held a stern expression while the Duchess of York appeared to be holding conversation while sat in the back seat.

The Duke today travelled to Scotland to join other members of the royal family for the tradition summer stay at Balmoral. He arrived a day after Her Majesty, 95, who was welcomed back with a guard of honour in a small ceremony outside the castle gates – her first trip to Balmoral since the death of Prince Philip aged 99 in April. Andrew may have been comforted to have his ex-wife Fergie by his side for the trip, after she was invited to stay as long as her ex-husband did. It was previously reported the Duchess would have to leave before Prince Philip turned up.

However their may be awkward conversations for Andrew in his first meeting with his mother following the filing of the civil suit by Ms Roberts yesterday.

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While the Mail had some photos of Andrew and Fergie in the car at Balmoral, no one knows how he got there – like, did he take a private plane? Did he take a commercial flight? Did he drive? I think that’s funny that Fergie and Andrew just *appeared* at Balmoral and no one knows how they got there.

The Daily Mail surprisingly had several pieces about how this lawsuit has reinforced the fact that Andrew is a stain on the monarchy and that he needs to be dealt with swiftly. The Mail also claims that another woman, Johanna Sjoberg, is considering her own lawsuit against Andrew because he also assaulted her.

I’m fully expecting a photo-op on Sunday – Andrew and Fergie in the car with the Queen as they ride to church.

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