Prince Charles flanked by Camilla for profound step into ailing Queens parliament role

Prince Charles was flanked by his wife Camilla as he arrived at the Palace of Westminster for the historic moment of reading The Queen's Speech.

The Prince of Wales is this morning, Tuesday May 10, delivering the address for the first time with the monarch absent from the traditional annual ceremony for the first time in nearly 60 years.

She announced on Monday she would not be attending for the first time since 1963 due to mobility problems she was experiencing.

Prince William, also taking part in the ceremony for the first time, served as one of the Queen's counsellors of state and arrived ahead of his father and the Duchess of Cornwall.

The heir apparent was wearing his Admiral of the Fleet uniform as he arrived and made his way through the Royal Gallery to the House of Lords.

He sat in the Chair of State he has used a number of times previously when accompanying his mother with the royal throne being left empty.

BBC Political editor Chris Mason described The Queen giving her son permission to deliver the as a "profound moment."

"It's a profound moment in the context of the familiarity of every other element of the ceremony. Timed to the second, all of the elements of it, slowly developing over time" he said.

He said Charles stepping into the role provided a "glimpse into the future."

"You think of it from his perspective. The thoughts he must have had looking forward to performing at an event like this.

"And in this particular context doing it for the first time having been on plenty of occasions before but performing the central role today. Really quite something."

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