Prince William & Kates last event in Jamaica was a colonialist mess

Some people blame the disastrous Keen Caribbean Tour on really bad staff work, and some people blame the tour’s optics on the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge themselves. Why not both? It’s all interconnected, clearly. William and Kate are Victorian idiots who refuse to modernize, and they hire staff who will not challenge them, who will be sycophantic yes-men and yes-women. I would love to know what happened behind the scenes for yesterday’s last event in Jamaica. I would love to know what Kensington Palace staffers thought, and whether William and Kate thought the whole thing would make them seem like perfect white future monarchs.

William and Kate’s last event in Jamaica was a stop by the Caribbean Military Academy’s Officer Training Program. They met recent graduates and William did a walk-through, and there was some kind of ceremony and speech by William. But the vibes were “hello, it’s 1954.” Kate wore this white lace Alexander McQueen which is one of the cheapest-looking dresses she’s ever worn. It looks like a sad ‘80s wedding dress. She was trying to do a throw-back look to something the Queen wore in… 1953. The Queen wore it better.

Not only that, but William and Kate organized some kind of drive-by troop inspection? They stood in an open-top Land Rover, and tried to recreate the same scene that the Queen and Prince Philip did in 1953. It did not work. They look tone-deaf, especially given that their asses were just fired the day before. This just emphasizes that they were only focused on the photo-ops this trip and nothing else.

— Page Six (@PageSix) March 24, 2022

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