Prince William refused to meet his brother while he was in Harrys backyard

On Prince Harry’s birthday last Friday, there was another round of “Prince William despises his brother” stories going around. Jennie Bond told the Sun that “There is no way back for the brothers” and “William is hurt so deeply that I think he probably just blanks Harry out of his mind most of the time. He has moved on with his life, and I guess so has Harry.” Hilariously, then, the British media kept bringing up Harry during William’s sad New York trip. The Mail even put Harry’s name in their initial headline, something about “William arrives in New York with NO PLANS to see Harry.” That’s where William is at the moment – he hates his brother, he wants what his brother has, and he uses Harry’s name to draw attention to his sad-sack projects. So now the royal experts are trying to explain why William and Harry didn’t “meet” during Peg’s NYC trip.

Prince William and Prince Harry’s relationship has been branded “absolutely terrible” as the Prince of Wales fears he can’t trust his brother, a royal expert speaking to Daily Express US claimed. Richard Fitzwilliams cited a multi-book deal the Sussexes are thought to have with publisher Random House as one reason any reconciliation between the brothers seems a long way off.

The Prince of Wales is in the US for the Earthshot Prize summit but it’s thought that Prince William will not meet his brother Harry despite being in the Duke’s backyard.

Prince Harry also did not meet with his brother on a short trip to the UK earlier this month while Prince William – at least publicly – did not extend birthday wishes to his brother who turned 39 last Saturday.

Pointing to a recent series of snubs, Mr Fitzwilliams said: “I’m afraid it shows the rift is as deep as ever and the brothers’ relationship is absolutely terrible. After Spare, [the claims] that William attacked Harry and so forth as well as the parade of interviews around it – it goes back to Oprah and the way they behaved.”

Nearly two years later, Prince Harry released his tell-all memoir Spare which savaged the Royal Family alleging that William attacked the Duke and took aim at Princess Kate for her alleged treatment of Meghan Markle. Mr Fitzwilliams added: “The point is simply you couldn’t trust [Prince Harry]. At its most basic, if you were Harry and I was William and we were talking to each other. How could I be sure what we talk about doesn’t appear [elsewhere]? Assuming Harry has a four-book contract with Random House and he decides to enlarge Spare or maybe he writes [more] about his childhood or maybe Meghan writes her memoirs. There are far too many ifs and far too many question marks. The Sussexes have been completely unpredictable in their behaviour but one thing you can predict is they like to publish and use it to their benefit and we saw that ruthlessly.”

[From The Daily Express]

“William will not meet his brother Harry despite being in the Duke’s backyard.” Again, these people do not understand America at any level, especially the size of America. New York is NOT the “backyard” of Montecito, California. The only way William’s sad trip would be in Harry’s backyard is if Harry lived on Long Island! Anyway, this is all just a major FYI – William’s still obsessed with Harry, still obsessed with hating Harry and still obsessed with trying to be like Harry. This man will literally spend hundreds of thousands of dollars to copykeen his brother but he won’t get therapy.

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