Queen Elizabeth Didn't Approve of Princess Beatrice's Original Name Because It Was "Too Yuppie"

Today in royal news you weren’t expecting: Way back in the day when Princess Beatrice was going to be introduced to the world, there was actually quite a bit of drama surrounding what her name was supposed to be, all thanks to Queen Elizabeth, who, as we know, calls all the shots in the royal fam!

According to The Mirror, Beatrice’s parents, Prince Andrew and Sarah Ferguson, originally wanted Beatrice’s name to be Annabel. The Queen was less than impressed with the name, writing it off as—wait for it—“too yuppie” for a member of the royal family. For those of you born after 1990, “yuppie” is a derogatory term for young urban professionals of the 1980’s that were often obsessed with material signifiers of their wealth. The more ya know!

If Queen Elizabeth’s critique of the Beatrice’s original name seems harsh, don’t you worry—it’s actually ~royal tradition~ for members of the royal family who are expecting a child to have an “informal chat” with the Queen about their name of choice so they can make 100 percent sure that she’s happy with it. (And yes, this tradition still happens in the Year of Our Lord 2021—see: Prince Harry asking Queen Elizabeth asking for her permission to use her nickname, Lilibet, for their daughter before she was born.)

Queen Elizabeth usually doesn’t have any issues with name choices, but when Andrew and Sarah approached her in 1988, they had to shift gears. It reportedly took “two weeks for the Yorks to formally announce her name because of the Queen’s concerns,” The Mirror‘s report stated. The Queen didn’t exactly leave Sarah and Andrew hanging, though—she actually was the one to suggest the name Beatrice in the first place.

Sarah and Andrew took the Queen’s advice and named their daughter Beatrice Elizabeth Mary, adding a tribute for the middle name as a way of showing their appreciation. The rest, as they say, is royal history!

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