Queens Paddington Bear sketch was a surprise to the Royal Family

The Queen’s appearance during a Paddington Bear sketch on Saturday night came a complete “surprise” to the Royal Family, who admitted they had no idea it was due to take place.

The short skit kicked off the televised BBC’s Platinum Party at the Palace, and saw the monarch playing We Will Rock You on the spoons alongside childhood favourite Paddington Bear.

Playing the memorable tune on china teacups using silver spoons to get the celebrations under way, the Queen went on to reveal that much like the duffle coat wearing bear, she too adores marmalade sandwiches and even keeps an emergency stash in her handbag at all times.

Many fans took to Twitter to share their love of the short pre-recorded piece, with some even saying it was better than her appearance in the Olympics' opening ceremony alongside James Bond.

Filmed at Windsor Castle, The Queen spent around half a day filming the top secret project which culminated in the amusing two and a half minute film, reports the Telegraph, although not even her children, grandchildren or great-grandchildren were aware of her participation, making Saturday’s performance all the more memorable for those closest to her majesty.

Palace Aides have refused to comment precisely how The Queen had been able to speak to the fictional bear so as not to “ruin the magic” of the performance, but even without an explanation, the entire clip went down a treat with fans at home who couldn’t get enough it.

Anna Marsh, who was involved in the film’s production as chief executive of Studio Canal, said: “Filming with Her Majesty and Paddington Bear at The Palace is a memory we will all cherish. Her Majesty's warmth and generosity was a joy to behold.”

“And who better to thank Her Majesty than Paddington, over a pot of tea, a marmalade sandwich, and with a touch of chaos. Aunt Lucy would be proud," she went on.

Paddington himself also went on to congratulate the Queen on her reign of 70 years, saying: “Happy Jubilee Ma'am. And thank you. For everything.”

To which the Queen replied: “That's very kind.”

The entertaining short brought back memories of the Queen’s previous James Bond skit alongside Daniel Craig as part of the London 2012 Olympic Opening Ceremony.

The Queen had stunned millions around the globe as she appeared to parachute into the stadium alongside the iconic spy – however it was later revealed to be a body double that had tricked many viewers at home.

Well known for her humour, the Palace explained how the Paddington performance was simply “too fun to miss” for Her Majesty.

The Palace said: “Her Majesty is well known for her sense of humour, so it should be no surprise that she decided to take part in tonight's sketch. There was an interest in the filming and animation process and the opportunity to invite a famous bear to tea was just too much fun to miss.

“While The Queen may not be attending the concert in person, she was very keen that people understood how much it meant to her and that all those watching had a great time.”

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