Re-Live All The Ups & Downs Of Jana Kramer And Mike Caussin's Tumultuous Relationship

It’s all over for Jana Kramer and Mike Caussin.

As we reported on Wednesday, the pair are officially headed for divorce — and the news has surprised the country music world considering how long they’d been together and how many adversities they’d fought through to remain a couple.

Nevertheless, the love story has come to an end now, and the 37-year-old singer and 34-year-old former football player are going their separate ways once and for all.

Below, re-live the highs and lows — and everything in between — from the very beginning of Jana and Mike’s time together…


How It Started

Kramer and Caussin first started dating waaaaay back in August of 2014. Seems forever ago now, doesn’t it?!

The country crooner had a history with fellow country singer Brantley Gilbert prior to that, though the pair split up in August 2013. In 2011, she had been briefly married to actor Jonathan Schaech, as well; she’d also been briefly married to Michael Gambino back in 2004.

Still, this one looked like it could be the real deal from the very beginning, and the One Tree Hill alum and former NFL football player proved it by carrying their immediate connection long-term.

Taking The Next Step

Just four months after the pair started dating, Mike popped the question in December of 2014 — and Jana said YES!

Telling People at the time, the Michigan native said (below):

“It was a beautiful surprise. He was the perfect gentleman. Nervous, on one knee, and surrounded by some of the people that love us the most.”

Love it!

Six months later, in May 2015, the couple officially tied the knot in a ceremony in Charlottesville, Virginia.

Growing The Family!

It didn’t take long! By August 2015, three months after their wedding, the pair announced they were expecting their first child. Awww! In January 2016, they welcomed daughter Jolie Rae Caussin!


The First Problems Arrive

In August 2016, Caussin officially entered treatment for “undisclosed reasons.” It was later revealed to be treatment for s*x addiction at a rehabilitation center after allegations of cheating first surfaced — the first time he sought such help.

In October of that year, Kramer got real about the cheating issue, opening up about the betrayal to the media:

“Mike was the biggest of the betrayals because it was the first time in a relationship where I truly loved the version of me. I didn’t feel I had to prove that I was good enough, I was vulnerable and finally at peace with myself. But I was fooled.”


For his part, Mike owned up to his s**t regarding the s*x addiction and cheating allegations, too, sharing in a statement:

“I acknowledge that certain actions and behaviors have caused issues in my marriage and I am deeply sorry for the pain I have caused Jana. I have and will continue to take the steps needed to change who I am as a person in order to be a better husband and father.”


Reconcile And Recovery!

After months of treatment, Jana and Mike appeared to be back to each other and working towards a full reconciliation again.

Caussin eventually left rehab, and in mid-2017, the pair was “actively working” through their issues as a couple again. In a podcast interview, Kramer explained more about that dynamic, saying:

“I’m just and trying to figure it out. It’s day-by-day. We’re not divorced, he’s not my estranged husband, he’s very much in my life. Legally, he is my husband. I have a ring on my finger. It’s hard, every day — some days I’m like, ‘I can’t do this’ … But other days I’m like, ‘No, fight for it. It’s for our family.’ Cause I’ve given up so easily in the past before, so I really want to sit in the trenches and fight for it.”


A Tragic Pregnancy Loss

By late 2017, the pair had reconciled enough to try for another child — but then, tragedy struck. In December of that year, Kramer revealed on social media that she’d suffered a miscarriage.

Writing on her Instagram account, she shared the tragic news with fans, saying:

“I debated posting this for the exact reason why it’s a silent struggle. I don’t want I’m sorry or sympathy. I just don’t want to feel alone. And I know I’m not. … This, unfortunately, isn’t my first loss. When I first found out I was pregnant I wanted to shout it from the rooftop but I know for reasons like this we have to wait. So because we don’t tell many, we have to suffer silently…and suffering silently was my thing in the past, but it’s not now. For the women out there who have miscarried in the past and need support and a place to grieve their little one lost or to those in the thick of it like me who are currently grieving and in pain, let us all be there for each other.”

Such a powerful response to tragedy… but still, such a terrible thing to go through.

Recommitting To Each Other!

By the very end of that year, Jana and Mike had fully re-committed to each other. On the final day of 2017, the duo renewed their vows in a special, private ceremony in Hawaii.

Reflecting on all the year’s problems and adversities, Jana shared her thoughts on social media, writing:

“2017… you broke my heart, you broke me down, you made me question everything, but damn did you make me strong. You taught me patience, you taught me family was everything. You made me believe not only in myself but the power of forgiveness. You turned me into the women I always wanted to be. Here’s to always believing in love and fighting for it. 2018, I’m ready for you!”

And things got better. For a while, at least…

A New Life & A New Purpose

Early in 2018, things appeared to be on the way back up! In June, the couple revealed they were expecting their second child — and in November, he arrived! The baby boy named Jace Joseph Caussin graced the world with his presence and in the process, brought his parents much closer together.

In the birth announcement, Kramer said:

“Our hearts are so full. Thank you to all our friends and family and all of you who have supported Mike and I and our growing family. Babies and having other kids don’t save a marriage but for us, this for us in a way that we’ve really done our work and gotten dirty. We’re we have to be there for each other and continue to do our own recovery work for him and me and be in a place where we’re bringing into the best environment possible.”

Truly, a wonderful moment!

Adversity Strikes Again…

Less than a year later, though, the couple faced another s**t storm after the singer found a topless woman’s photo on her husband’s Apple Watch.

Embarrassed by the find, Mike admitted he tried to delete the photo without informing Jana, and explained on their podcast just how badly he felt about it:

“I see it and I know the right thing to do is to go get Jana, pull her aside and say, ‘Hey. I just received this. I don’t know what the hell it is but I just need you to know.’ I was terrified to do so. Jana and I have had a really good run recently, like not a lot of past stuff coming up, we’ve been handling situations pretty well, handling triggers pretty well, talking things out. It really felt like we were really building a lot of forward momentum.”

Oooof. For Jana, the unfortunate incident brought back the waves of the past, making her wonder whether the whole s*x addiction and cheating problem wasn’t happening again:

“When I looked , I was like, ‘Goddamnit.’ I saw it and my heart just fell. It’s here. It’s happened again. I’m such an f**king idiot, and I immediately called my best friend and I was just shaking crying outside.”

Jana later told Extra that the pic was from “a bot” and not an “actual person”:

“I still do not believe he was going to tell me about it. I totally get why he would delete it and not tell me. I get that thought process, 100 percent. It is just that the toll that the trauma takes … I don’t know how much I have left of that to cry out anymore.”

In the end, Caussin apologized to his wife during the podcast, and it seemed like things had blown over. Well, for now…

Getting Real About Their Relationship

As 2019 turned to 2020, the couple put in some serious work to improve their relationship and fix major trust issues.

Speaking in another podcast appearance late in 2019, Jana admitted:

“I trust him today. And that’s what I always say. I can’t think about yesterday or the day before or the past because that’s mucky. But today, he’s showing up, he’s a great husband, he’s a great dad today, and today I trust him.”

Then, in May 2020, the couple celebrated their fifth wedding anniversary by… releasing a relationship self-help book?! Titled The Good Fight, the pages explored everything they’d been through together, and everything they learned in the process.

The DM Heard ‘Round The World

…And then the s**t hit the fan.

During a September 2020 episode of the couple’s podcast, Kramer dropped the bomb: somebody had reached out to her via social media DM to tell her how a friend had a “romantic tryst” with Caussin.

Jana explained:

“A few days ago, I got a DM saying that Mike cheated, and the reason why it caught me off guard was because the very first time I was through a DM. I sat with it for a few days before bringing it to Mike.”

Eventually, she confronted the former football player about it, and he reflected on what happened next:

“Once she finally told me, it crushed me, because it sucks. It sucks that she can’t default to trusting me. It sucks that I’ve done what I’ve done in the past to create that in a relationship right now. My hope something like this happened again, she’d be able to bring it to me and we’d almost be able to laugh about it because there is that much trust in the bank.”

Yikes. Not great!

‘No Relationship Is Perfect’

Then, in March of 2021, after months of radio silence following that sketchy DM, some major cracks in the relationship started to appear.

Jana first uploaded a photo of herself crying to her Instagram page, and wrote in the caption that she’d had a major fight with Caussin:

“Nothing is perfect. I took this picture to almost remind myself that even though in the moment it seems like everything is doomed it’s not. No relationship is perfect and when blow ups or fights happen sometimes we believe it’s done and over but really it’s a moment for growth and more understanding and to lean into your partner.”

During an episode of their Whine Down podcast later in the month, the couple revealed they’d been fighting and using “mean words” with each other while they were in Canada filming Kramer’s upcoming movie.

Reflecting on the tumultuous times, the country crooner admitted:

“That was tough. The words are what have stayed with me and you don’t mean those, but they are the worst things that stay with someone. I said mean things but you cut deep … I’m like high school mean. You’re like mean. Neither are right.”

Wow. That’s really not a good thing.

And Then… It Was Over

Just like that, on Wednesday, it all came to an end.

According to a source who spoke to People, cheating was once again allegedly at the front and center of the demise of the relationship:

“He cheated and broke her trust again. After fighting for the marriage for so long, she’s come to terms with the realization that his patterns were never going to change. The focus now is on their kids.”


A source speaking to Us added:

“They went to couples counseling every week. They were actively in couples counseling and actively working on their relationship. Then she uncovered a recent infidelity and that was the last time she could forgive him. It was the exact pattern that’s happened numerous times.”

On Instagram, Kramer cryptically noted that “it’s time,” and then added:

“Please know that I still believe whole heartedly in marriage, love, and rebuilding. I just can’t fight any longer. It’s time to heal. Thank you for all the love, heart, and support, in many ways you have fought on this journey along side me, and for that I am grateful. I’ll always encourage you to continue the good fight, but you can’t fight it alone.”


Quite a roller coaster ride there, indeed. Reactions, Perezcious readers? What do U make of their divorce news this week? Can it truly, finally be over, once and for all? Sound OFF down in the comments (below)…

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