Richard Hammond: Ex-Top Gear host addresses wife’s ultimatum ‘Three strikes and he’s out!’

The Great Escapists: Richard Hammond stars in new Amazon show

The Grand Tour host Richard Hammond, 51, has opened up about his marriage with his wife Mindy Hammond, 55, as the former Top Gear presenter revealed he almost suffered his “third strike”. It comes after the car-enthusiast addressed his new solo offering, The Great Escapists, during which he admittedly got into trouble while dipping into shark-infested waters.

Richard tied the knot with Mindy in 2002 and the couple share two teenage daughters; Willow and Isabella.

Fans of the small-screen star will know the car-enthusiast has suffered his fair share of accidents on-set.

In 2006, Richard was filming an episode of Top Gear when he suffered a near-fatal car accident as a result of which the presenter was in a coma for two weeks.

The second incident occurred while filming The Grand Tour in 2017, when he skidded off of a hillside in an electric supercar that caught fire.

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Richard required ten screws to be inserted into his knee following the accident.

Mindy later explained that there could be no more risky incidents as she warned: “I don’t want a third”.

However, Richard cheekily admitted he may have already had his third strike after he unknowingly jumped into shark-infested waters while filming in Panama for his latest show.

The TV personality admitted he “panicked” once he realised he was in the water with the ravenous, bulky fishes.

Asked whether he committed his third strike in a new interview, Richard explained: “Hmm, well yeah, sort of.

“But Mindy knows I’m not an idiot. I don’t look for trouble.”

He continued: “That raft was about to explode and I jumped into the water in good faith.

“Then I saw the silhouette of a shark and panicked. Luckily it turned out to be a whale shark.


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“They are massive but they only eat plankton.”

Richard admitted that he and his partner had been “through a lot” and explained that his injuries over the years have been tough for the family.

Following his 2006 car accident, the former Top Gear star suffered a brain injury that left him short-tempered.

“Yeah, I had to tell her to get out. Control of temper was an issue for a few months,” Richard told The Times.

He added: “We went through a lot.”

Meanwhile, Richard will be returning to Amazon Prime for his latest series The Great Escapists alongside co-host Tory Bellici.

The survival series follows the pair as they attempt to get themselves off a desert island using only their wits and scrap shipwreck to either build their way out or attract a rescue.

The Great Escapists is available on Amazon Prime January 29.

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