Richard Madeley’s holiday blunder which meant wife Judy didn’t speak to him for two days

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Richard Madeley suffered a wrong start on his summer holiday with wife Judy Finnigan, he revealed on Good Morning Britain.

When asked about his break while hosting the show Monday morning, the 65-year-old said that he had got into hot water with his wife after he’d forgotten to pack her clothes for their recent trip.

"It didn't get off to the best of starts. Judy and I drove to France and I was responsible for packing the car, and that meant being responsible for packing my wife’s clothes,” Richard explained.

“Judy said to me the morning we left, 'there are two lots of clothes on hangers in the spare room, pack them both'.

"We get to France and Judy says 'where's that jacket I wanted to change into? Where's that skirt?' I'd left half of her clothes in London. She'd bought them specially.

"I think I'd been in less trouble if I'd had an affair. She basically didn’t speak to me for two days.”

This comment triggered chuckles from co-host Susanna Reid as she muttered to Richard’s wife through the screen, “Oh Judy”, upon hearing the story.

“Anyway, thank god for Fed-Ex,” Richard added, informing that his children were on standby to help with arranging Judy’s clothes to be sent abroad to their parents.

“The benefit might have been that you just hand over your credit card and say, ‘Go shopping in St Tropez!’” Susanna suggested if circumstances had gone a different way.

Although the holiday was salvaged in the end, this created a frosty atmosphere between the couple it was revealed, urging the host not to mess up so epically on his next travels with his wife.

When Richard turned the question over to his co-host about her summer holiday, Susanna responded, “It was very nice, I managed to remember all my clothes – that was the high point of my summer!”

The cheeky humour didn’t stop there on the show, as elsewhere Richard referred to presenter Laura Tobin as “breakfast” whilst reporting from Svalbard in Norway.

The glacial area is known for wild polar bears and so Laura was accompanied by an armed guard in case of an attack.

Luckily, there was no danger to be had, as Laura managed to get through the climate-change segment free of any harm or sighting of polar bears, letting the Good Morning team know that she was safe by the end.

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