Rihanna and ASAP Rocky Made Their Met Gala Couple's Debut Looking All Loved Up, and the Pics Couldn't Be Cuter

Here ye, here ye! The queen of the Met Gala, or should we say ~The Pope~, is back like the fashion gala never left! Listen and hear me clearly, whenever Rihanna sets foot on the scene of this iconic event, she shuts it all. the. way. down! This year RihRih did only what she can do: make a sleeping back look bomb as hell.

I mean, just look:

She arrived on the scene after being spotted leaving her hotel with boyfriend ASAP Rocky. The couple walked the carpet together looking all smitten.

Fans felt the exact same way, especially after waiting for her arrival and starting worry she wasn’t coming.

Rihanna didn’t attend the 2019 Met Gala (the latest one) since she was busy handling ~international business~ for her makeup brand Fenty Beauty. Rumors about Rihanna’s return to this year’s Met Gala began to fly off the charts when the mogul announced on her Instagram Story that she was hosting the event’s annual after party.

Needless to say fans have high expectations for Rihanna at the ball, so when the news hit, they were overcome with speculation and joy, and ofc, pleas to be invited, bc duh.

Lord …. It’s me AGAIN. But my invitation to Rihanna’s met gala after party got lost in the mail, can we work sum out 🙏🏾 AMEN pic.twitter.com/rARzQuhGTu

and then when rihanna and nicki see each other again next week at the met gala and show everyone that they’re besties, and then when the announce their collab for rih’s new album the following day, and then when they— pic.twitter.com/COqDh1C94P

rihanna bring me as a guest to your met gala party please. there is no reason i should be there but please just let me come

And as if you need a refresher on how true to this Rihanna is, let’s have a look back at her Met Gala receipts, yeah? Sorry not sorry, but your fave literally could never. The material speaks for itself. Behold:

She! Does! Not! Miss!

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