Rihanna Felt Like a ‘Clown’ at Met Gala 2015: ‘People Are Gonna Laugh At Me’

Rihanna is speaking out about her iconic 2015 Met Gala dress and how she really felt in it!

The 32-year-old entertainer wore a gown by Guo Pei and her outfit choice landed her on the cover of Vogue’s very coveted Met Gala issue.

However, Rihanna said she initially felt like a “clown” in the gown compared to what everyone else was wearing.

“I remember being so scared to get out of that car because I felt like, ‘I’m doing too much.’ I was driving past the red carpet and I was just seeing gowns,” Rihanna told Access about arriving at the event.

“I was like, ‘Oh my god, I’m a clown, people are gonna laugh at me. This is too much,’” Rihanna added. Rihanna, of course, rocked the look!

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