Rihanna’s Response to Being Named the Richest Female Musician Is Surprisingly Humble

Calling Forbes ‘one of those funny things,’ the Fenty fashion and beauty line founder says she feels ‘weird’ and ‘never got used’ to the title, but ‘it’s a nice honor.’

AceShowbiz -Having a lot of money must come with the perks of enjoying a luxury lifestyle. That’s probably how good Rihanna‘s life is since she has been named the richest female musician by Forbes. But despite being one of the wealthiest people in the world, the Barbadian singer is still the humble person everyone has known since her early days as a performer.

The 31-year-old singer was recently asked about landing the No. 1 spot on the Forbes list. “Oh wow. Forbes is one of those funny things, you know?” she told E! News about the magazine’s report on her financial state. “Like, it’s like you’re awarding people for being rich or something,” she added. “It’s weird. I never got used to it, but it’s like, it’s a nice honor. It’s nice, it’s nice.”

Rih’s Fenty collaborator Jahleel Weaver, who stood next to her during the interview, said that he’d asked for a pay rise after learning of her inclusion on the Forbes list. “Sure did,” he admitted. When asked whether or not he got the raise, she jokingly replied, “No, he got fired.”

Rihanna talked about her title as the richest female musician during the launch party for her new Fenty collection, Release 6.19, at The Webster in New York City on Tuesday, June 18. Asked how her body fluctuations inspired the new collection, she said, “We have our fit models, which is the standard size from factories, you just get your samples made in one size. But then, I want to see it on my body, I want to see it on a curvy girl with thighs and a little bit of booty and hips.”

The “Umbrella” hitmaker admitted that she now has bigger boobs, which come with their own challenge. “And now I have boobs that I never had before…you know,” she shared, “I don’t even know how to sleep sometimes, it’s challenging, so imagine getting dressed.” She added, “It’s all of these things I take into consideration because I want women to feel confident in my stuff.”

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