Robson Greens hopes of TV comeback with co-star Jerome Flynn

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The duo split up in the late nineties and have not been seen together again since the release of their last album What Becomes of the Brokenhearted in 1996.

Their paths first crossed in ITV armed forces drama Soldier Soldier in 1991.

They followed that up with great pop chart success as singers, selling more than 1.8 million copies of their version of Unchained Melody and having two number one albums in 1995 and 1996.

The pair have barely been seen together on TV since then.

Over twenty years later, Robson Green, 57, told The Mirror: “Me and Jerome have had a meeting.”

“I’m not going to tell you the channel but there may be something – you’re the first to hear this – in the air coming well with me and Jerome coming soon. A TV show.”

“We had a meeting and it went well. Not only is he a friend but he’s a brilliant actor.”

“Everyone saw that in Ripper Street [DS Drake] and Game of Thrones [Bronn], but also on stage he’s amazing.”

As for the format of the programme, Robson said it could be a ‘hybrid’ between them acting and documentary-style. Still, Robson offered little information and said: “Let’s see.”

After his music success, Robson acted in popular shows such as Reckless, Touching Evil, Grafters, Northern Lights and Wire in the Blood.

More recently, Robson has played detective Inspector Geordie Keating on ITV’s Grantchester and as a werewolf in Being Human. He also played Teddy in BBC drama Age Before Beauty.

Speaking at the Cheltenham Festival last Friday, Robson said: “Grantchester is such a likeable, charming, well-thought-of show.”

“They are characters you really care about and want to follow. It’s the relationships everyone engages with.”

“There’s planning for another series and they are talking about making a movie as well, so we’ll see.”

As for his experience during the pandemic, Robson admitted “looking at other careers” and said: “Actors weren’t furloughed during lockdown, so it was a really tough time for all of us.”

“I used to be a naval architect at a shipyard and I was thinking, ‘Am I going back into hull design?’

“But luckily, the pandemic is easing a bit and we’re back to doing things we want to do and love.”

“It’s a very productive year for TV and film. So I’m looking forward to that.”

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