Rose Short: 5 Things To Know About The Powerhouse Singer On ‘The Voice’

After an incredible semifinals performance on Dec. 9, Rose Short has become a fan-favorite for a spot in the finals on season 17 of ‘The Voice.’

Gwen Stefani only has one artist in the top eight on season 17 of The Voice, so her fate in the competition is riding solely on Rose Short. The 34-year-old has been showing off her powerful vocals week after week, and her last two performances have really solidified her as a contender to win the entire show. Not only has Rose’s voice been extremely consistent all season long, but she’s also gained even more confidence as a performer, and has proven how versatile she is every single week. Here’s more to know about Rose:

1. She previously worked as a corrections officer. Before deciding to become a singer full-time, Rose worked as a corrections officer in a male, maximum-security prison for eight years. It was not her dream job, but she needed something that would pay the bills after she finished school. However, after eight years of working in the prison, Rose decided to quit and pursue music as a career.

2. She’s been singing since she was just a child. Rose began singing when she was just five years old. She was living in Germany at the time, and she eventually became involved in her local choir and theater when her family moved to Texas.

3. She grew up in a military family. Rose’s dad was in the military, and most of her early singing performances were at community events on the base.

4. She previously auditioned for another reality show. Before coming to The Voice, Rose actually auditioned for American Idol. She also performed during amateur night at Showtime at the Apollo.

5. She almost didn’t audition for ‘The Voice’ at all! Rose had to be pushed to try out for The Voice by her manager — and best friend! — Taundra Noel Shaw. Rose even skipped the first audition she was supposed to go to in Austin, Texas, but eventually went to another one in Miami.

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