Salma Hayek Used FaceApp to Gender-Swap Her Photos and Fans Are Going Gaga

Salma Hayek has been playing around on her phone. We know you’ve seen the images of celebrities who used FaceApp to age themselves forward in time.

Last year, people went crazy over the app’s “old” filter and soon hilarious photos were going viral of “elderly” kids with wrinkles and celebs who looked 30 years older. If someone didn’t age their own photo, the internet did it for them.

This time, it’s the app’s gender swapping feature that is cracking people up. There are photos floating around of Beyoncé with her face plastered onto a man’s countenance, and plenty of other gender-swapped faces including Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, Shakira, Eminem, Taylor Swift, and Kelly Rowland.

Hayek decided to take matters into her own hands and the results have fans going crazy.

Salma Hayek recently went viral for no makeup photos

Hayek posted a makeup-free selfie on Instagram in May and it wound up going viral. Fans praised the 53-year-old for not using photoshop or altering her appearance.

One wrote, “Wow she just does not age. How is that possible,” and another person added “You need no makeup. I’ve always thought you were the most beautiful woman in the world!”

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Hayek often posts pictures without cosmetics or filters. Lastweek, she shared a beforeand after picture of her gray roots, revealing she dyed them for work. Whileher followers complimented her for being a natural beauty, one of Hayek’srecent posts is racking up curious onlookers and plenty of comments.

Hayek used FaceApp to gender-swap her face

We’re not sure how many celebrities are remixing their own likenesseswith FaceApp, but Hayek was game. She put up a photo collage of herself that utilizedthe gender switching filter, and we don’t need to say anything else.

Take a look at the smoldering pictures and you’ll wonder if SalmaHayek has a twin brother out there somewhere. For the record, she does have abrother named Sami but they are not twins.

What you’re thinking right now iswhat many of Hayek’s fans thought when they first saw these images. She wrote asimple caption in Spanish and English: “What do you think… would I have madea good looking man?”
Thepost garnered more than 11,000 comments, with one person summing things up withan “OMG.”

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Fans love it Salma Hayek’s swap

The reactions on this post ranged from drooling emojis to flames,hearts, and a resounding chorus of “Yes!” People do think she would’vemade a nice looking guy. Fans are laughing and calling Hayek handsome while pickingtheir favorite version.

Many commenters said Hayek would look great no matter the gender,and some are comparing the gag photos to other actors. Some fans threw outJohnny Depp, George Clooney, Robert Downey, Jr., and Jeffrey Dean Morgan ascomparisons.

Hayek responded to one commenter who wrote, “Not too late, you couldstill become a man.” She politely told them “No thank you.” For Hayek, themoment was all in good fun and fans are loving her sense of humor.

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