Sam Asghari Proves He & Britney Spears Are Still Going Strong!

Telling all the haters to take a hike?

We’ve been hearing a lot of rumors about Britney Spears‘ marriage lately. UK mag Heat World claimed she and hubby Sam Asghari were fighting a lot behind closed doors. That scuttlebutt would be a lot easier to dismiss if it didn’t coincide with the couple both being spotted taking trips solo — and without their wedding rings. Add to that their presence on one another’s social media had pretty much dropped to zilch? We mean, Sam hadn’t shouted out Britney since Valentine’s Day and she hadn’t posted him since his birthday — which is on March 3. And those were all old pics. Pretty worrying.

But on Friday that cold streak was finally broken when Sam posted a couple quick videos of the couple on a hike together, captioning the cute selfies:

“Hike with my woman

The little heart eyes! We love it!

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Did the two reconcile? Are they doing better? Or is it true there was never a problem in the first place — just distance due to work?

What do YOU think is going on, Perezcious relationship experts??

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