See Blake Shelton Almost Fall Off a Cliff and Give Fans a Huge Scare on TikTok

The Voice fans are counting down the days until Blake Shelton returns to his red chair on the NBC singing competition show. Later this fall, the country singer will be joined by his wife Gwen Stefani along with John Legend and newcomer Camila Cabello. While folks are used to seeing Blake stir up trouble on The Voice, he gave fans a pretty good scare not too long ago.

It all started when he shared a behind-the-scenes clip of his “Come Back as a Country Boy” music video, in which he talked about falling off a cliff. “I think it’s time to look into a stunt double for these videos…” he captioned a December 2021 TikTok. Though his words didn’t give much context about what he was referring to, the snippet featured heart-pumping footage of Blake appearing to trip.

“We’re shooting this big epic moment in the music video and Sophie [Muller] had the idea ‘Hey, Blake! Why don’t go stand on the edge of this giant 300-foot cliff with a waterfall, death fall down below you,’” he said. “The things I do for Sophie and my music videos.”

I think it’s time to look into a stunt double for these videos.. #ComeBackAsACountryBoy

Just as he was explaining the shot, the country superstar seemed to catch himself as he was about to go backward. (See it in the clip above at the 16-second mark.) “But I’m hoping it’s going to turn out good. Well, I guess we’ll see,” he continued. Then for a second time, it looked like Blake stumbled and caught himself again.

Reacting to the clip, Voice fans begged the country singer to watch his step. “Just please be careful! [You’re] my favorite country singer and there was never as good as one before you and there wont be a great one after you!” one person wrote in the TikTok comments. “Please be safe. Love the man you are 🥰,” another added. “Don’t fall for goodness sake,” a different fan said.

Of course, this isn’t the first time that he’s gotten folks talking about his music video making adventures. In a different clip from shooting the same video, viewers can see Blake appear to almost catch on fire. Thankfully, it wasn’t too close of a call, and he walked away just fine.

Be careful, Blake!

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