Selena Gomez hasnt been online in over four years, says shes happier

Selena Gomez has a mental health website called Wondermind. She started it with her mom, Mandy Teefy, and Daniella Pierson, who founded the newsletters The Newsette and The Weekly Wrap. They are going to put out a companion podcast as well. The site looks nice, but there’s not much there. This isn’t my area of expertise so I don’t know if it’s because it just launched or you’re just supposed to sign up for their newsletter on their site. Newsletters are Daniella’s thing, so I imagine that’s the bulk of Wondermind’s model. Selena is very much invested in mental health, as we know. She’s been working on her own for years and has been quite open about it. I love that she’s jumping into this area with both feet. Selena told Good Morning America that one of her tricks to better mental health was to stay off social media. That despite having over 300 million followers, Selena has not been on ‘the Internet’ for over four years. And it’s completely changed her life for the better.

Selena Gomez, 29, spoke candidly about mental health in an interview with Good Morning America on April 4. The Disney Channel alum was joined by her mom Mandy Teefy and businesswoman Daniella Pierson to promote the trio’s new mental health multimedia company, Wondermind. During the interview, Selena revealed that she doesn’t use the internet, despite having a massive social media following.

“I haven’t been on the internet in four and a half years,” Selena explained to GMA‘s JuJu Chang. “It has changed my life completely. I am happier, I am more present. I connect more with people. It makes me feel normal.”

Selena has been very open about her mental health struggles over the years, and so she’s launching Wondermind to help other people struggling. “Growing up in the spotlight has definitely taught me so much,” she said. “I can’t believe that I am where I am mentally just because how I took the necessary steps in order to kind of remove myself from that. Because it’s just not normal.”

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Selena has been saying some version of this for years. She told us in 2018 she was saying off the internet because it “didn’t feel real“ to her. I don’t totally get how she does it. Because she has both a Twitter and an Instagram account and she’s given interviews through at least one of them. I assume someone else runs them for her, but does that mean she doesn’t touch them? I’m curious what these kinds of admissions do to a fanbase and if fans feel less invested when they know a celebrity isn’t seeing their comments and likes.

I don’t doubt that Selena is much happier. I know removing myself from Facebook made a major improvement in my life. Instagram has been fairly positive for me but I’m starting to think I need to divorce Twitter. We definitely need a trial separation. I enjoy posting there, but I spend too much time reading it and I’m sadder because of it. So I ask sincerely about what Selena’s habits are, not to call her out. I’d like to maintain a social media presence but mentally, I don’t know if I can, and Selena seems to have figured it out. I hope she talks more about it on Wondermind or the podcast. Because I really do think Selena has grown happier and healthier. I’m pleased she chosen to share how she did that.

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