Sharon Stone's stalker hell: Film icon 'living in fear' from army vet

Sharon Stone’s stalker hell: Hollywood icon and family are ‘living in fear’ from ‘obsessed’ Hungarian army veteran who was caught on CCTV outside her sister’s home and sent ‘creepy’ letters claiming he fathered star’s love child

  • EXCLUSIVE: Sharon Stone ‘living in fear’ of a stalker hounding her and her family
  • MailOnline can reveal the stalker ‘creepy’ letters and emails to Basic Instinct star

Sharon Stone and her family are ‘living in fear’ from an obsessive stalker who has been on a ‘mission’ to contact the Hollywood A-lister for the past two years.

‘Unrelenting’ Sandor Boros, a London-based former special forces veteran of the Hungarian army, claims he had a secret son called Jason with his ‘angel’ Sharon in 1986 when the star was 28. But he claims their son was murdered shortly after birth. 

Basic Instinct star Sharon, 64, was one of the most popular sex symbols of the 1990s and her family has been in a panic since Boros began stalking them. 

He last emailed Sharon on October 15, telling her how he was trying to find out her address by tracking down her family and asking them. The subject of the email was ‘angel’ and he signed it ‘Yours Sandor xoxox’.

According to the family’s private investigator Paul Barresi, the stalker is ‘obsessed and mentally unwell’ and was caught on CCTV outside her 62-year-old sister Kelly’s house in May this year.

Boros called Sharon, who has a net worth of around $40million (£32.9million), his ‘angel’ in an email to her earlier this month

‘Unrelenting’ stalker Sandor Boros (pictured), an ex-special forces veteran of the Hungarian army from London , claims he had a secret son called Jason with his ‘angel’ Sharon in 1986, when she was 28, who died shortly after he was born 

Sharon’s stalker Sandor Boros (pictured) sent this photograph of himself to Sharon and her family

Basic Instinct star Sharon, 64, was one of the most popular sex symbols of the 1990s and her family has been in a panic since Boros began stalking them. Pictured: Sharon in Basic Instinct in 1992

That was just three months after tragedy had already struck the family when Sharon’s younger brother Patrick died from a heart attack in February, aged 57.

And, approaches from the obsessive Boros come eight years after another stalker was hit with a five-year restraining order after his bizarre letters to the Casino and Total Recall star.  

Barresi is an investigator for some of Hollywood’s biggest stars and revealed he was hired by Amber Heard to dig up dirt on Johnny Depp.

He said the Stone family was ‘living in fear’ because of the stalker’s ‘creepy emails, letter and uninvited visits’.

Within just 72 hours of the Stone family hiring Barresi, he tracked the stalker down to an airport in London, where he was about to board a flight to Hungary. 

Barresi told MailOnline: ‘He’s been unrelenting. He’s been pursuing her for the last two years.

‘Lately, he showed up at the mum’s house and then the brother’s house and then the sister’s house.

‘It was something planned. He was on a mission.

‘That raised the level of concern for Sharon Stone and her mother, who is 90, and her sister and brother.

‘They were all targets.

‘His aggression and desire with passion has intensified.’

Boros wrote a letter to Sharon, 65, her sister Kelly, 62, and her mother Dorothy, 90, in August. 

He claimed Sharon was his fiancée from 1987 and had his love child in 1988

In an email earlier this month with the subject ‘angel’, Boros wrote to Sharon, signing off: ‘Sandor xoxox’

The stalker included two photographs in the email of himself and his ‘best friend my grandfather’

Boros was later contacted by the Stone family’s private investigator after he got in touch with the actress in October

Boros sent a letter to Sharon, her mother and her sister in August this year.

In it, he admitted flying to Los Angeles for a week in May, hoping to talk to Sharon.

He said he took a taxi from the airport to Sharon’s sister Kelly’s home.

Boros said: ‘Unfortunately, at the gate (video call) the guard [didn’t] know who [I] was personally.

‘He didn’t want to call out Kelly to talk with her from the house.

‘Maybe he thought that I am [a] kind of criminal!!!

‘Then, I did not [have] any option. I went to [Sharon’s brother Michael’s house].

‘Michael opened the door to me and I tried to explain my situation to him and asked about Sharon’s Los Angeles address to talk with her.

‘He was rude… When I asked Sharon where about Michael wanted to call the police!!

‘He thought as well that I am a criminal.’

He added: ‘From 1987 Sharon was my fiancée and 1988 we had a baby boy. His name was Jason Stone.

‘He was a couple of months old and he died in [an] accident unfortunately.

‘I would like to talk with Sharon about this.’

Boros (pictured outside Kelly Stone’s house in the US) lives in northwest London and is thought to be originally from Hungary

Sharon in 1988 on the set of TV miniseries War And Remembrance. According to her stalker Boros, she gave birth to their love child in the same year

Sharon Stone in May 1988 on the film set of Tears In The Rain, which was shot in Hertfordshire, UK

Sharon in between Michael Woods (left) and Hart Bochner in 1988 on the set of War And Remembrance

In an email to Sharon on October 15, Boros said: ‘My mental health had been improved even I can state that I am returned to a normal. So, I am back to business…’

He asked this time about the circumstances surrounding another of his alleged son’s death.

He said: ‘Even I haven’t got a Death Certificate about him!!!! I have to know everything about his dead.

‘I am willing to interrogation if needs. Please, update me as soon as possible when receiving this email.

‘I recently returned from Los Angeles. I went for you and your mum Dorothy to find her address to could talk about all my life that we had made together.

‘I [found] in the house just your eldest brother Michael – 70 years old but he was rude and wanted to call the Police.

‘Please, contact me at my private and encrypted email or the Signal video call.

‘The best if we meet at any place and talk all of you in L.A. or Montana or Rockford or anywhere where you find that is safe for you all!!!!!!!!’

He signed the letter: ‘Sandor xoxox.’

Days later, private investigator Barresi was put on the case. 

The Hollywood private detective found Boros’s phone number and called the stalker while he was in a London airport, about to fly to Hungary.

Barresi, who is the investigator for some of Hollywood’s biggest stars, said the Stone family was ‘living in fear’ because of the stalker’s ‘creepy emails, letter and uninvited visits’

During his call with the stalker, Barresi asked if he had any photos with Sharon or letters from her.

Boros said he did not, but was adamant he was ‘not lying’.

He said: ‘She was my fiancée, she was my fiancée. I’m not lying.’

He added: ‘I’m trying to contact them because I am really desperate to find my son. And I have to talk with Sharon. We got a son. He was murdered in ’86. And I’m not joking, so I’m really serious.

‘I don’t have any death certificate, anything so it’s a weird case but I’m pretty sure they know everything, they know everything they [don’t] want to tell me.’

Barresi said the alleged stalker was angry that the private investigator had his number.

Barresi said: ‘He knew then and there I had him.

‘I explained I was a private detective working for the family.

‘His demeanour was not threatening. He didn’t indicate any lustful, romantic desire he wished to pursue.

‘He has no plans to come to America [again]. He only wanted to know about his son.’

Barresi said the stalker claimed his father had known Sharon’s mother Dorothy and said they were ‘friends’.

He added: ‘People with diabolical minds, they are very charming, gregarious, super charismatic – all of those characteristics [were] in this guy.’

Barresi said he ‘couldn’t be more pleased’ that he tracked down Sharon’s stalker and ‘cracked the case’ in less than three days.

He said the Stone family were ‘delighted’ he had found the stalker.

However, while Boros claimed he didn’t plan on returning to the US, Barresi said: ‘At the moment he’s not a threat but you can’t be sure.’

Sharon Stone and her family declined to comment.

MailOnline has contacted Sandor Boros for comment.

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