Sinead OConnors love life including four marriage and one lasting just 16 days

Sinead O'Connor pays tribute to son days before her death

People across the world have paid tribute to Irish music legend Sinead O’Connor after her death was announced yesterday. 

Sinead tragically died at the age of 56 after achieving worldwide fame for her hit 1990 cover of Prince’s Nothing Compares 2 U. 

Despite a career which spanned 37 years and saw her secure eight UK Top 40 singles and seven albums – the singer struggled with life in the limelight which affected her relationships. 

Away from the spotlight, she had a string of public romances and was married four times. 

Her first marriage was back in 1987, when she was 21, to record producer John Reynolds in the same year she achieved her first number one album, The Lion and the Cobra.

Sinead also fell pregnant with her first child, Jake. This was the only father to her her four children whom she married.

In the Showtime documentary Nothing Compares, she claimed that her record company instructed a doctor to encourage her to have an abortion. With later claims medical professionals tried to tell her that she couldn’t take a baby on tour.

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Four years later the couple split but remained an important part of one another’s lives. They co-parented their son following the divorce, with John going on to produce five of Sinead’s albums and was even her drummer during her 2013 tour.

She then went onto date an Irish journalist John Walters and they welcomed a daughter, Roisin Walters in 1995. 

In 2001, it was announced that Sinead was engaged to journalist Nick Sommerlad. The pair met when he was working for the Press Association in Dublin and were fiercely private throughout their relationship. In 2004 divorced after three years of marriage.

In the same year, she welcomed son Shane O’Connor, with Irish Folk musician Donal Lunny. Shane sadly died last year aged 17.

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Sinead had her fourth child in 2006, Yehsua Bonadio, whom she shared with former partner Frank Bonadio.

In 2010, Sinead found love again with musician Steve Cooney. The singer had known her third husband for a number of years as he played guitar in her band on tour.

Steve was part of the band Cooney & Begley. 

The marriage broke the following year, despite Sinead having nothing but good things to say about her ex. 

Months later, Sinead married her fourth husband, Barry Herridge, an Irish psychotherapist.

Three months after dating, the couple tied the knot at The Little White Wedding Chapel in Las Vegas. 

But just 16 days after their wedding, Sinead announced that the couple were separating, although they parted on good terms.

At the time she told her fans that the pair parted amicably and said she still loves Herridge “very much” but that he was too nice “to trap”.

She wrote on her blog: “From the moment myself and my husband got together not long ago, there was intense pressure placed upon him by certain people in his life, not to be involved with me. These were people who had never met me but had formed opinions of me based on what they read about ‘Sinead ‘O’Connor’ in the media etc.”

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