Sky News Jacquie Beltrao hits back as shes branded a liar over Covid ICU patient stats

Jacquie Beltrao reveals that her latest scans show no cancer

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Jacquie Baltrao, 56, was appalled after she was labelled a “liar” for standing up for cancer patients who are having their operations cancelled due to lack of space in hospital intensive care units. The on-going coronavirus pandemic continues to wreak havoc on the NHS, with the Sky News star, who has been battling breast cancer herself, seeing first hand how over-run some hospitals are while attending her own check-ups and hearing daunting tales from her doctors.

Can’t believe how many X I’ve been called a liar & worse over the last 2 days

Jacquie Beltrao

Taking to Twitter, Jacquie shared her thoughts with her 87,000 followers.

“Can’t believe how many X I’ve been called a liar & worse over the last 2 days,” she began.

“I will always stand up for cancer patients because they don’t have a choice.

“I take tablets every day with a huge list of side effects I take them without question – because if I don’t I die cont…”

She continued her message in a separate post, adding: “A cancer patient who needs a brain tumour removed or mastectomy doesn’t really have a choice they have to have that op.

“Can’t imagine the distress if that op doesn’t happen because of pressure on ICU’s – horrible – & that’s the knock on effect.”

It comes after the presenter hit out at those who refuse the Covid vaccine in a furious rant.

Jacquie was angered after a check-up with her oncologist, sending a message to anti-vaxxers and criticised them for taking up beds in intensive care units when there are cancer patients that need them.

She also claimed that cancer operations are being cancelled because there are no beds in ICU available.

Multiple UK hospitals have confirmed that the majority of patients in critical care are unvaccinated.

The presenter penned: “Had a lovely check-up and chat with my oncologist today.

“For all you anti-vaxxers out there, at least 75 percent of patients with Covid in our local ICU have NOT been vaccinated.

“Cancer ops ARE being cancelled because there are no ICU beds available should THOSE people need one.”

She later fired back at one Twitter user, named BB, who questioned the accuracy of her statement and whether she would also call out obese people and smokers “for taking up beds”.

Jacquie defiantly said: “No I am not. I am talking about Covid patients who are not vaccinated in ICU.”

Another unnamed user said: “They contribute to the NHS just like everyone else. They have a right to care and to deny them that is morally wrong. The NHS should be fit for purpose.”

The former Olympian replied: “They are getting care, but they are also denying other people from getting critical care.

“The point is they didn’t need to be in ICU. Their Covid did not need to be that serious.”

Last week, Dr David Windsor, a consultant in intensive care at Gloucester Royal Hospital, declared that “100 percent of the patients in our Critical Care Covid unit” were unvaccinated, as reported by Gloucestershire Live.

In addition, figures from Nottingham University Hospitals NHS Trust confirmed that there were 14 critical care patients with Covid, and 12 of them were unvaccinated, according to Nottinghamshire Live.

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