Stacey Dooley: ‘Not for me’ Strictly star clarifies claims about ‘attractive’ Nigel Farage

Stacey Dooley, 32, spoke out after a viewer suggested she praised Brexit campaigner Nigel Farage, 55, during a conversation with Andrew Marr, 59. The documentary filmmaker made the comments in response to a question from the political commentator on today’s The Andrew Marr Show. The host said: “Thinking of Farage, one of the things he’s got, when he says something, he says what he wants to say. “Whereas lots of politicians are looking over their shoulders wondering about their colleagues, wondering about the party line.”

In response, Stacey admitted: “That’s exactly why people find him so attractive. 

“He’s very concise, he’s very clear, he’s very transparent – whether you agree with him or fundamentally disagree, you know where he stands.”

Following her remarks on the BBC programme, the Strictly Come Dancing champion took to Twitter to address those who appeared to be confused by her comments.

One wrote: “Wow, Stacy for a government post in the future BoJo Farage UK.”

Stacey was quick to clarify her position as she adamantly replied in view of her 292,000 followers: “Not in a million years… Neither speak to me, I was simply stating SOME people find him clear, concise and honest about what he wants…”

Stacey added in a separate tweet: “I couldn’t be any clearer that Farage is not for me, but you can’t ignore that others are drawn to him…

“He’s gathering momentum again and we are allowed to speculate as to why that may be….x.”

Luckily, another fan sided with the journalist, explaining: “She was talking about Brexit and said he was transparent.

“He is transparent on his Brexit message. That’s how it should be taken and not manipulated into her showing support for Farage.”

Stacey agreed with her supporter’s opinion, writing: “Exactly right. This is why people swerve engaging in important conversations…

“Because there are always people trying to find sound bites and take them out of context.”

Unfortunately, Stacey still had to prove her position on the debate to author Alastair Campbell, 61, who accused her of being misleading on The Andrew Marr Show.

The star referenced one of Alastair’s tweets and asked: “Why do you do this? Why do you deliberately try and mislead? I wasn’t praising him and you know I wasn’t.

“I even say ‘they’… it’s clear I’m referring to how others perceive him.

“In fact, I was sat listening to Alastair C last week. Echoing a lot of what he said.”

Stacey’s fans were quick to comment on her post in support, with one follower writing: “It was perfectly clear you were not taking sides Stacey. Always good to see someone with a journalistic mind take a step back and just say what they see without getting involved. How it should be.”

Another reassured the presenter: “Thought you came across very well this morning Stacey x.”

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