Stevie Wonder surprises Will Smith during birthday screening of 'Hustlers'

Will Smith was treated to the ultimate birthday surprise while hosting a private screening of the Jennifer Lopez-led film Hustlers.

Smith was enjoying the stripper drama with a group of friends when longtime pal Stevie Wonder interrupted the gathering to serenade the 51-year-old with a rendition of his 1981 hit “Happy Birthday.” Smith documented the jaw-dropping moment in an Instagram video addressed to Lopez, revealing Wonder’s appearance coincided with the moment he is mentioned in the hit.

“So Jennifer, this is crazy,” Smith says in the video, directing his message to Lopez. “So, we’re in the movie, and this is a really weird story. It’s my birthday, and we’re in the movie, and it’s the scene where your character is talkin’ ’bout Stevie Wonder was in the champagne room and Stevie walks in. They pause the movie, and Stevie walks in and sings me ‘Happy Birthday’…So we just wanted to send this to you.”

Wonder laughed when Smith questioned him about whether he was actually in the champagne room, saying he’d deny the whole thing.

“If I was there, I’ll never show, I’d never say,” Wonder, who was blind since shortly after he was born, says. “Because if ever I’m asked about it, I can say, ‘Well, I didn’t see where I was.'”

The Gemini Man star added his Hustlers review as the video’s caption.

“P.S. @jlo, hustlers was fantastic.”

Hustlers is currently in theaters nationwide.

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