Straight Vlogger Reveals James Charles Made Him ‘Question’ His Sexuality After Sliding Into His DMs

English YouTube star Carmie Sellitto opened up about his experience with fellow vlogger James Charles and how he allegedly tried to seduce him with flirty texts even though he knew he was straight.

In a recent tell-all interview, Carmie Sellitto, 20, a straight YouTube vlogger, revealed some shocking details about disturbing experiences he claims he had with James Charles, 19, who was recently called out by Tati Westbrook for allegedly trying to turn straight guys gay like him. Carmie, who is from London, England, claimed James made him “question” his sexuality by sending him flirty text messages that complimented his looks. “James kept telling me how I was the hottest guy he ever laid his eyes on,” Carmie told the Daily Mail. “James made me question myself. He asked me, ‘Are you sure you aren’t gay or bi? Are you sure?’”

Carmie, who is in a relationship with British YouTube star Kate Elisabeth, 19, first met James at VidCon, a four-day conference for YouTubers and social media influencers, that took place in Anaheim, CA in July 2018. “I was at VidCon in the LA area last summer and I went to an after party attended by some huge YouTube stars,” Carmie explained to the outlet. “I noticed James Charles staring at me from across the room at the party. After a while I went up to him and introduced myself. We started talking, I thought we had a connection. Our conversation lasted for about 30 minutes. Before we left each other he got all of my social media contacts. He hugged me goodbye and told me he was going to be in touch.”

“A few days later he started contacting me via social media,” Carmie continued. “He was flirty but didn’t say anything inappropriate. He kept telling me how I was the hottest guy he ever laid his eyes on. A few days after we met I had to fly back to London. We stayed in contact for the next week or so, then I told him I didn’t want to lead him on. I told him I wasn’t gay. But James made me question myself. He asked me, ‘Are you sure you aren’t gay or bi? Are you sure?’ I finally had to tell him again that I didn’t want to lead him on. I guess the bottom line is I wasn’t as interested in him as he was in me.”

Carmie said it was then that James decided to cut off all contact. “After this conversation, James blocked me on Instagram and blocked my number,” he said. “He still follows me on Twitter. I guess he’s forgotten about that. He hasn’t contacted me since.”

Carmie’s claims come just one day after straight model Jay Alvarrez, 23, made similar claims. Jay took to Instagram to share screenshots from a conversation they had through direct messages, and in them, James seemed to be flirting with Jay by calling him “daddy” and “hot” and although Jay expressed appreciation for his compliments, he told him he was “as straight as could be.”

James has yet to comment on Jay and Carmie’s claims.

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