Susanna Reid: GMB host FINALLY ‘let off the leash’ thanks to Piers Morgan

Susanna Reid, 48, made an appearance on The One Show where she admitted her outspoken co-presenter Piers Morgan, 54, has forced her to become more “opinionated”. The Good Morning Britain star sat down with BBC host Matt Baker and Mel Giedroyc and admitted she enjoyed being “let off the leash” because she had previously had to be neutral as a news presenter. Speaking about working with Piers, Susanna took a slight jab at him, saying: “Oh the toddler? “Actually he really livens up the show. And what I have really loved about the fact he’s there – apart from the fact he’s really annoying me a lot of the time – is actually he’s made me much more opinionated.”

Oh the toddler?

Susanna Reid

She continued: “I’m able to express an opinion. Because he doesn’t care what people think about what he thinks. And having spent so long being so neutral about my opinions as a news presenter I’m able to be a little bit let off the leash.”

Susanna has fronted Good Morning Britain since the show’s inception in 2014 with Piers making his debut the following year.

The small-screen star was also quizzed on her early morning starts, with Mel complimenting Susanna looking as “fresh as a daisy” despite being an early riser.

Matt asked: “Are you tired? What time was you up in the morning and what time did you go to bed this evening?”

Susanna replied: “I was up at 4.50am. It was fine. I call it airport time because really, the only time you ever normally get up at the time is to go and catch a flight.”

Mel added: “You look fresh. Fresh as a daisy.”

She chuckled: “Thank you. I have to say that little video perked me up. That was one of the most satisfying moments of my career. Shoving a custard pie into the face, and hair and neck of Piers Morgan.”

Ahead of her appearance, The One Show featured a clip of Susanna putting a custard pie into Piers face.

Matt said: “You should make it a bi-weekly thing?” referring to the pie throwing.

To which Susanna agreed, saying: “Yes, but normally it’s just an eye-roll. That’s normally what I’m able to get away with.”

Meanwhile, Piers recently slammed his co-star in a cheeky dig when he claimed he is much more famous than her.

In a candid interview with the duo in Notebook magazine, he said: “Stroppy little queen bee marching around like she runs the place.”

The brunette beauty responded: “He kept telling me how he’d come from a huge CNN show in America.

“Erm, no one knew who he was.”

The father-of-four then urged: “How about you and me walk through Times Square for an hour and see how you get on?

“Unless you bump into somebody from Croydon, nobody’s going to know who the f**k you are.”

Good Morning Britain airs weekdays at 6am on ITV and The One Show airs weekdays at 7pm.

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