Tamar Braxton’s Boyfriend Posts Cryptic Note After Her ‘Gay Man’ Rant – Check Out Her Reaction!

David Adefeso tells his followers, ‘You have to close one door in order to have another one open up for you,’ after his girlfriend says man must be gay if he didn’t touch his girlfriend for three days.

AceShowbizDavid Adefeso, who is currently dating Tamar Braxton, shared a cryptic Instagram post that raised people’s eyebrows after she claimed that man must have been gay if he didn’t have sex with his girlfriend for three days. Although she claimed her angry rant was not about Adefeso, fans were convinced his message was directed at her due to the timing.

He wrote, “Sometimes, the storefront looks dazzling and beautiful on the outside, but the insides have been so beaten up and abused over the decades by bad tenants that no amount of tender loving care is capable of bringing it back to life. It’s at that point one needs to find the strength to pick up and go open up a new store…no matter how much love and hope has been invested in this one.”

He added in the caption, “Sometimes you have to close one door in order to have another one open up for you!” She responded on the comment section, “I know that right!! Periodt [kissy face].”

On her own page, Braxton seemingly tried to show her fans that there was no trouble in paradise between her and Adefeso. She posted a heartwarming video of her boyfriend bonding with her little son Logan from her previous marriage with record executive Vincent Herbert. “Together forever….you have the best way with words. Thank you my love,” she gushed.

Braxton was accused of being homophobic following her rant. Journalist Ernest Owens slammed her, “Another day, another tragic reminder that Tamar Braxton only sees gay men as disposable scapegoats that she can use to justify why women like her can’t find real love. How tragic. The irony is that her problem is right in the mirror looking back at her.”

Another Twitter user wrote, “Tamar Braxton is the example of a ‘fag hag’ who benefits off of gay culture but secretly despises the community.”

“If you are in ya bag (upset), ya shouldn’t be. I shouldn’t have been in My feelings, & ranted on social media based off a conversation with my friends,” she responded to the backlash on Twitter. “I’ve been through a lot,” she added and called herself “stupid” for posting the rant.

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