Tee Higgins 'In A Good Place' Following Damar Hamlin Health Update

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Cincinnati Bengals receiver Tee Higgins says he’s relieved to hear Damar Hamlin is doing better after his medical emergency on Monday … revealing he’s been in contact with the Bills safety’s mom in the days following the game.

Hamlin tackled Higgins right before he collapsed on the field during the Bengals and Bills’ Monday Night Football matchup … and the former Clemson star says when he realized what was happening, he knew it was a serious situation.

“At first, me being a football player, I’m thinking he just flopped,” Higgins said after practice on Thursday. “I looked again and seen what happen, I just turned my head and not think about it. I knew it was something crazy. Something tragic. It was hard.”

After the game was suspended, Higgins went to the hospital to check on Hamlin … and he’s been in contact with Damar’s family in the days following.

“Damar’s mom hit me, texted me this morning, and told me about everything and it made me feel even more at home,” Higgins said.

“I really appreciate them, just hearing from them and them having my back as well, so yeah. Feels good.”

Of course, some misguided people have seemingly blamed Tee (something Bart Scott was accused of doing) for the medical emergency, so to hear Higgins say he’s holding up is welcome news.

Prior to practice, Higgins appeared to gather his thoughts and reflect before running out with the rest of his teammates.

Hamlin is making serious improvements as he remains under constant care in a Cincinnati hospital … and was even able to communicate in writing with nurses Wednesday night — asking who won Monday’s game.

As for moving forward, Higgins admits it’s going to be a challenge to move on … but as a football player, he has to switch his focus to taking the field against the Baltimore Ravens this Sunday.

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