Tennis Star Genie Bouchard Boogie Boards & Trains on the Beach

Genie Bouchard is now serving … some INCREDIBLE angles on the beach, with the perfect mix of sporty and sexy.

The Canadian tennis star was down in Miami this weekend, where she was getting her boogie board on with a male companion in tow. She was wearing a two-piece red and yellow wetsuit for the ride, showing off her great figure in the process. 

As if that itself wasn’t hot enough, Genie went on to do a training sesh right there in the sand too … using resistance bands to crouch, lunge and bend every which way. 

Reports say Genie’s been considering taking a break from tennis to recover from recent injuries. If her being on the mend continues to look like this … we’re all for it.

Get well, GB … and keep coming back to the beach, please!

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