'Terminator' Star Linda Hamilton Says She's Been Celibate For 'At Least 15 Years'

She also opens up about her past relationship with James Cameron.

Actress Linda Hamilton really enjoys her "me" time.

In an interview with The New York Times Tuesday, the "Terminator" star revealed she hasn’t had sex with a man for almost two decades.

"I’ve been celibate for at least 15 years," Hamilton said. "One loses track, because it just doesn’t matter — or at least it doesn’t matter to me. I have a very romantic relationship with my world every day and the people who are in it."

Hamilton, who has been married and divorced twice, left Hollywood in 2012 after her time on the TV series "Chuck" came to a close.

"I woke up one day and I was like, ‘Well, here I am in my beautiful mansion and my kids aren’t here, my agents aren’t calling, and this is not real,’" she said.

The 65-year-old star then moved to Virginia, where she lived on a farm for a few years, before moving to New Orleans, where she currently resides with her dogs Turk and Noodle.

"I love my alone time like no one you’ve ever met," Hamilton expressed.

The "Beauty and the Beast" actress was married to her "Terminator" and "Terminator 2" director James Cameron from 1997 to 1999. The couple share a daughter, Josephine, 26. Hamilton also has a son from her first marriage to Bruce Abbott.

Hamilton and Cameron spoke to the publication about their short-lived relationship, which they expressed still perplexes them today.

"That relationship was a mystery to all of us — even Jim and myself — because we are terribly mismatched," she said. "I used to say we fit together like a puzzle: Everywhere he’s convex, I’m concave."

The former couple agreed that it was the character of Sarah Connor that drew them together.

"I think what happened there is that he really fell in love with Sarah Connor, and I did, too," Hamilton said, as Cameron added, "I fell in love with her initially because I thought she was a little closer to Sarah than she actually is, but that doesn’t mean that much once you get to know somebody. I think we were just in this high-velocity spiral around each other for a long time. We were fascinated by each other."

After taking a couple of years off from acting, Hamilton will be next been seen reprising her iconic role in "Terminator: Dark Fate," which hits theaters this November. The film’s director Tim Miller recalled the struggle of convincing Hamilton to join the sequel.

"She doesn’t care about any of the trappings of stardom — in fact, she doesn’t seem to want it at all," Miller said. "One of the hardest things for her with coming back to this character was knowing she’d have to step into the spotlight again."

Hamilton agreed. "That was my hesitation: Do I want to trade this lovely, authentic life for that? I didn’t want my neighbors looking at me differently. We’re neighbors because of who we are, not what we do, and I don’t want that to creep into my life again."

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