Texas Tech Investigating Video of Girl at Party Saying She Has COVID-19

Colleges are having serious problems with the coronavirus — Texas Tech says it’s investigating a viral video showing a young woman at a house party flippantly admitting she has COVID-19.

In the video, which is spreading on social media, the woman says people at the shindig keep asking her if she has coronavirus and her response is alarming … “Yes, I f**king have COVID, the whole f**king world has COVID.”

The young lady then turns the camera around to show everyone drinking and partying near her without face coverings and suggests “all of these people have COVID.”

The university’s dean of students says they received a report and are aware of the video, and it’s being investigated.

It’s unclear if the woman in the video actually has COVID-19 or if she is enrolled at TTU. The Twitter account that posted the clip says some of the party people are Tech students.

Texas Tech says it has 612 active coronavirus cases as of Wednesday, including 571 cases involving students, and university president Lawrence Schovanec attributed the rise in positive cases to off-campus parties and social gatherings.

Didn’t we all see this coming?!?

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