The Game Wants to Fight Jake and Logan Paul, I'll 'F***' You Up!

Another non-boxing star wants a crack at the Paul Bros — The Game is calling ’em both out and GUARANTEEING victory!!

“Yerrr, @JakePaul, @LoganPaul …. meet me & my little brother downtown LA in front of Staples Center and let’s just fight head up fades,” the rap superstar tweeted out.

“No gloves, no money needed … just on some me & my brother will f*** you & your brother up s***!!!!”

FYI, The Game is 41 years old and has no pro boxing experience — but he’s been in a ton of street fights over the years and seems incredibly confident in his hands.

Someone on Twitter warned The Game about the call out — “you and your brother game are gonna be like Nate Robinson don’t do this bro.”

Game replied, “On Martin Luther King Jr. speech, I ain’t losing!!!”

Jake Paul — who famously and violently knocked out ex-NBA star Nate Robinson and UFC fighter Ben Askren — responded to Game, using a rap lyric.

“Hate it or love it you would get knocked the f**ked out.”

Logan Paul — who just beat up the entire Gronkowski family — also weighed in … telling Game, “you gonna need your entire family.”

Logan is currently training to fight Floyd Mayweather — but Jake is looking for his next opponent.

Let’s see if they can make a deal!

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