The Sussexes were in Jackson Hole, Wyoming during the holiday weekend

One consistent thing I’ve heard from British and European ex-pats in America is that they’re consistently awed by the sheer size of the United States. I think about that a lot with regards to Prince Harry and his somewhat limited experiences in the US, even before he moved to California permanently. Just the size of the US and how much there is to explore and see. I also think Harry must have lots of veteran friends all around America from his time in the British Army and from the Invictus Games too. I still wonder if Harry’s visit to Fort Worth, Texas last year was a visit to see some of his veteran bros, although that’s never been confirmed. Anyway, fun story: the Sussexes were in Jackson Hole, Wyoming for the Independence Day weekend.

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex have been pictured alongside their son Archie celebrating the 4th of July parade in Wyoming. The family-of-four travelled from their Montecito home in Santa Barbara to Jackson Hole to enjoy the weekend alongside some friends.

In the snaps, posted by an onlooker on Facebook, Meghan can be seen wearing black jeans, a white top and a large straw fedora hat whilst attentively watching her son Archie, three, who is wearing an all-blue outfit and a red, white and blue cap. The youngster cheered on the passing parade whilst holding an American flag.

Prince Harry could be seen standing behind them, wearing a dark grey top and green cap.

“Funny story, we are in Jackson Hole WY at their 4th of July parade. The big tough guy told us twice that he was saving seats for a family…” the woman who took the pictures of the Sussexes wrote.

She later added: “I thought, well it must be the royal family (very sarcastic thinking!) A minute later Meghan Markle and Prince Harry walk up with little Archie! The big guy was the bodyguard. Meghan is gorgeous and Harry and Archie are cute.”

[From Hello]

Hello didn’t post the photos and I’ve only seen a handful of tweets with the pics. The pics feel massively intrusive, so I’m not going to post them here. Suffice to say, Meghan, Harry and Archie really did attend a parade in Jackson Hole. Who were they visiting? Do they have friends in the area? It’s also possible that if they have friends in the area, those friends are elite. I realized several years ago that Wyoming had become the new celebrity vacation hot-spot, a la Aspen, Miami or the Hamptons. Karlie Kloss and Joshua Kushner had their second wedding in Wyoming. Kanye West owns extensive property in Wyoming and many musical and cultural A-listers traveled to his Wyoming dome to chill out. I’m not saying that the Sussexes were hanging with Kanye (please, they were NOT). I’m saying that celebrities and wealthy elites have been flocking to Wyoming for several years now.

Photos courtesy of Backgrid.

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