Tian Richards Opens Up About Being the First Gay Black Lead on Network TV + Tom Swift Exclusive Clip

We are kicking off Pride Month by celebrating Tian Richards and Tom Swift!

The actor takes on the title role in The CW‘s latest new series, and he makes history as the first gay, Black lead on network television.

Tian opened up with JJJ about being the first gay, Black lead, and we also have an exclusive clip centered on Tom Swift!

See what Tian shared and watch the clip inside…

“Never in my wildest dreams did I imagine someone who looks like me and shows up in the world as I do, could be the hero! I am immensely proud to be the first Black gay lead on network TV,” Tian shared with us.

“I am thankful for the shoulders I stand on that have allowed me to get to this place, and for you be next generations to come that will be inspired by what we have created,” he continued. “For those young queer kids, those young Black kids who didn’t think they could lead, it’s POSSIBLE. And every part of your identity is a superpower! Keep dreaming, keep pushing, your time is coming! Happy Pride Month!”

In this exclusive clip, get a closer look at Tom Swift, where Ashleigh Murray‘s character Zenzi describes him as “Tomsexual.” Check it out right here!

ICYMI: Tom Swift premiered last night (May 31) on The CW. Meet the cast here…

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