Tom Hanks Meets Andrew Luck, Do You Get Made Fun Of A Lot?

“How often have you suffered because of your last name?”

That’s one of Tom Hanks‘ first-ever questions to Andrew Luck … straight-up wondering how much the Indianapolis Colts QB has been made fun of in his life.

Don’t worry … Luck played off the awkward question well — “It goes both ways!” — and the two had a pretty fun first encounter Wednesday nonetheless.

Hanks and Luck were together for an event at The Children’s Museum of Indianapolis … when Hanks revealed he’s a big Luck fan — telling the QB, “I love watching you play.”

The two talked for a while … discussing everything from Indianapolis, to social media to dealing with haters.

They even posed for a pic too … and the caption the Colts wrote for it couldn’t have been more perfect — “Andy and Woody.”

Just like “Toy Story” … get it?!?!

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