Tom Hiddleston was very earnest in a good suit at the Peoples Choice Awards

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We’re not going to cover most of People’s Choice stuff because a lot of it was boring! I went to bed after watching about ten minutes of the red carpet, so that’s on me. My bad. To be fair, the People’s Choice Awards are usually a budget affair. Only a handful of A-listers come out, and those who do come out are there because they’re told beforehand that they’re receiving an award. So it was for Tom Hiddleston, who was magically in LA for this awards show??

Tom’s girlfriend Zawe Ashton was with him in the audience, but they didn’t walk the carpet together. Sidenote: there are old-school Hiddles-loonies spamming our comments sections with breathless speculation that Zawe and Tom are engaged, because Zawe was seen wearing some kind of ring in some paparazzi photos. I hope they are engaged! I would love that. While I hope we get some kind of formal announcement – just because that would be fun as hell – I’m not expecting anything like that. Respect his privacy! He isn’t looking for this relationship to end up like the Great Tiddlebanging of 2016.

Anyway, Tom and the Loki cast won a People’s Choice Award and Tom pretended that he didn’t know they would win. He’s very earnest. I like Hiddles in brown… it suits his coloring and it suits the PCAs.

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