Trey Songz Educates Fans About ‘Black Love’ While Promoting ‘Circles’ Music Video

In the caption of his Instagram post, the ‘Na Na’ spitter explains that the video, directed by @mahaneela.jpg”>

AceShowbizTrey Songz has taken to his Instagram account to share the trailer of an upcoming music video for his single “Circles”. The video, directed by @mahaneela.jpg”>

“Why is ‘black’ love different from ‘white’ love. Love IS love,” asked the fan underneath the Thursday, August 13 post. Trey apparently caught wind of the comment, and didn’t mind to school the fan with a lengthy response.

“because black love, families were torn apart purposely. Mother’s raped, Men taken from homes. America has always wanted the black family separated because of the strength we have when we are one. They go so far as to say black fathers don’t exist and black love doesn’t exist,” he explained.

He continued, “So pardon me while I show black love and not all love. The stereotypes, the hardships, the black man and woman get the bottom of the barrel in America. So when you’re fighting for love and fighting against the worlds obsession with the oppression of your people, there are underlying pains in your relationship that are not in others.”

Fans were impressed with Trey’s response to the question. “Sounds like real talk to me,” one quipped. One other added, “Well he got her together on that so eloquently.”

“Folks only do this when we are positive about ourselves. When we’re negative, they get a front row seat, laugh, and tell us how much they are preferred over us,” someone added. Someone else reacted, “They are really threatened by us loving US. Smh wish they would mind their damn business.”

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