Two of Aretha Franklin’s Sons Allegedly Object to Newly-Found Handwritten Wills

More than eight months after the passing of the ‘Respect’ hitmaker, it is uncovered that three wills have been found at her home in suburban Detroit with the latest dated March 2014.

AceShowbiz -Three handwritten wills have been found at the home of late singer Aretha Franklin.

According to David Bennett, an attorney for Franklin’s estate, the most recent document was dated March 2014, and was found inside a spiral notebook under cushions in the living room of the suburban Detroit property earlier this month. That will gives the Queen of Soul’s assets to her family members.

It was claimed, however, that many of the words are hard to decipher, and four pages have words crossed out with extra phrases scrawled in the margins.

Two other wills from 2010 were also found in a locked cabinet after the key was finally located.

Bennett, who acted as Franklin’s attorney for over 40 years, filed the wills on Monday, May 20, and stated he’s unsure whether or not they’re legal under Michigan law. All the wills have been shared with Franklin’s four sons and/or their lawyers, and a statement from the estate claimed two of the sons object to the wills. A hearing is scheduled for June 12.

Franklin died in August (2018) at the age of 76 following a battle with pancreatic cancer. At the time of her death, her lawyers and family members stated she hadn’t left a will.

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