Two Pints of Larger star Will Mellor emotionally reveals his ‘hero’ dad has died

Former Two Pints of Larger and a Packet Crisps star Will Mellor has announced his “hero” dad Bill Mellor has died.

The 44 year old actor made the sad revelation in a video on his social media channels.

The footage shows No Offence star Will looking upset while wearing grey hoodie in outside space.

Speaking in the clip, which he posted on both his Instagram and Twitter, he says: “I’ve been going over and over in my head whether I should even do this video.”

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Will then sighs and rubs his forehead before continuing: “It just seems right. My dad passed away three days ago.

“There’s a lot of people out there that I haven’t got their number – I can’t let them know.”

He adds: “For those who have probably met my dad – we’ve been everywhere together, that’s how close we was.

“It’s just the hardest time. It’s just horrendous,” he says while shaking his head looking in disbelief.

Will continues: “What do you do when you lose your hero?

“I just also know there’s a lot of people that are going through this out there, I just want you to know I’m feeling your pain we’ve just got to try and stick together and get through it, try remember the good times.”

He adds: “So, if you think about my dad remember the good times, that’s what I’m gonna do and we’ll get through this. That’s it.”

In a later tweet, Will clarified his dad Bill didn’t die from coronavirus as he wrote: “Btw it wasn’t #Covid_19”.

After posting the video on his social media feeds, Will was flooded with messages of condolence from celebrity friends.

Former Strictly Come Dancing star James Jordan wrote: “Sorry for your loss mate….. Sending love to you and your family,” followed by a praying emoji.

And Emily Atack added: “Oh my god Will. Sending all the love in the world to you. I’m so so sorry”.

While Good Morning Britain’s Susanna Reid said: “So so sorry Will. Love to you and your family”.

Will then thanked his 133,000 Twitter fans for their support in another tweet as he wrote: “Thank you all for your messages of support! This wasn’t meant as a sympathy video! I just needed to let people know.”

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The actor had previously revealed how his dad was rushed to hospital at the end of March.

In another clip on social media, Will explained how he had found it difficult not being able to go and see his family.

In the footage, he says: “My instincts were just to get in the car and go, and you realise you can’t.

“I can’t be there for my mum, can’t go and see my sisters… It’s just brought it all home, what situation we’re in.

“I know there’s a lot of people out there going through the same thing, where you need to be with loved ones but you can’t.”

Will adds: “But we have to stay positive, we’ve got to keep using FaceTime and stay in the loop.”

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