Watch Gabrielle Union Drink Cat Poop Coffee as Jessica Alba Watches

Gabrielle Union and Jessica Alba are known for a lot of things. Both are well-established actresses, with numerous appearances in major films and television shows from the ’90s through today. Off-screen, Alba has her own lifestyle brand, The Honest Company, and you might recognize Union cheering along her future Hall-of-Fame NBA husband Dwayne Wade courtside.

These two are multi-talented, and like to do a lot of different things. But can they handle eating a goose web foot? Or worm tacos? What about cat poop coffee? It’s maybe not what they expected when they woke up, but it’s what they’ve agreed to face in the latest edition of Disgustingly Healthy.

Union and Alba are currently promoting the debut season of L.A.’s Finest, which is a spin-off for Union’s character Sydney Burnett from 2003’s Bad Boys II. Now, Union gets her own buddy cop partner in Alba, who is also now her Disgustingly Healthy partner.

The easiest thing to eat? For Gabrielle, it’s the Kapi Luwok Coffee—also known as cat poop coffee. It wasn’t much of a choice, when Union was looking at the option of deciding which of her co-stars, between Kirsten Dunst, Kevin Hart, and Beyoncé, would ride shotgun, in the back seat, and in the trunk. Cat poop coffee doesn’t sound too bad, right? “There’s been worse things in my mouth,” Union says.

As she sips, Alba, who’s passed on the drink, instead opting to rank other famous TV cops. Mariska Hargitay comes in front of Ice-T, Donnie Wahlberg, and Andy Samberg (“Sorry Andy. You’re at the bottom,” Alba says, apparently not giving too much credit to one of her former music video co-stars.) “It’s fine,” she says. “Tastes like coffee,” Union confirms.

The rest of the video goes as you might expect. Jessica Alba has no interest in eating a cricket taco—can’t blame her for that one. Instead, she has to do the impossible—rank some other famous Jessicas—Simpson, Biel, Chastain, and Sarah… Parker. The Sin City star has a little story for everyone, but unfortunately, someone has to be last—and that’s Chastain. “The only reason why Chastain is last is because I don’t know her!” she says. “Very diplomatic,” Union says in response.

Not to feel left out, Union gets her own gourmet taco to eat—hers doesn’t have crickets though. No, luckily, hers has…. worms. That’s not happening. So, instead, she chooses that she’d rather be unfollowed by Hillary Clinton than retweeted by Donald Trump (“Obviously, I’m not eating worm tacos. So, Hillary….unfollow me.”)

There’s a lot more good stuff. Alba gives some jellied chicken a try, but Union also doesn’t have much interest in eating jellied pork. Instead, she opts to impersonate DMX doing a cheerleading cheer, much in the style of her 2001 crowd-pleaser Bring It On.

The final hump to get over is for Alba to eat a goose web foot, and Union to eat chicken feet. She wants to try it—she really does! But she just cannot. Instead, she has to rank some of her fellow lifestyle brand ambassadors. How can she rank Kylie Jenner, Gwyneth Paltrow, and Rihanna’s respective companies? Well, she doesn’t really. But she has something to say anyway.

Union doesn’t want to eat chicken feet, so instead she chooses to get in a Twitter beef with Jim Carrey. Gabrielle Union feuding online with Jim Carrey—sounds like a good movie to me.

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